Space-y Wace-y

Race today to the only place where nothing is or mislaid

Good now keep on; keep going to the one place in all time and space

To the blue box; one barrowed to never be given back and always stayed

Save the day with a mad man – have some faith, run, just in case

And when you see the end of all time and space, just reboot it

And when you see the death of a mad man just know he lies

When you run faster than you ever have into an unknown land – ah! Hit!

Clever, brilliant you! Geronimo! I am so sorry! Fantastic! Dies…

Shrewd man run in with a funny gadget and tells you to run

You run and fast—so a door try to stop you, no problem

                         He opens it with a pitch and you’re in— was that a gun?

You’re enjoying this too much, risking it all, all too common

With the mad man in the blue box you will run away to space

To time; anywhere and everywhere—try to stay forever. The race.


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