I wish I Could Travel the Galaxy


I wish that one day I could see the stars

without having to look through bars

or the polution of our cars.


I would hold one in my hand

and the beauty would be so grand

that I could hardly stand.


But there is a mad man

with a blue box and a plan

he took my hand and we ran.


He showed me to his call box that's bigger on the inside

and when I saw it I almost cried

as he asked me to decide.


He asked me what I wanted to see

and I told him that I wanted to be free

so he said "Travel with me."


He said "I could show you all of time and space

and here, you will always have a place

without being showered in disgrace."


I took a moment to think things through

and I tried to look from his point of view

as I could tell he was thinking too.


I could see it in his eyes

the grief and the demise

of past companions and allies.


"I have one last thing to ask" I finally come to

"Ask away" he says "But you have to answer my question too"

"What do they call you?"


"I've had many faces and many names

but all go by the same,

The Doctor is who I became."


"Doctor? Doctor who?"

I ask without a clue.

He turns away from me as his smile breaks through.




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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