A motivational poem

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Dancing in a field of golden dandelions. Prancing through the grass under the moonlight. Children laughing as they play, singing voices on the breeze.
Dancing in a field of golden dandelions. Prancing through the grass under the moonlight. Children laughing as they play, singing voices on the breeze.
How can something so small grow to be so beautiful? Let the light shine down on me like I'm in a play or a musical. Be the love that showers me & help me bloom, Don't pick me up only to carry me into a dark room & filled with negative fume
How can something 
Glory breeds glory Exalted men are beacons High upon the pedestals of history Trailblazers true and fair Battled the blazes of judgement and despair To create a more progressive air
Thought: Power of 1   Too many times we underestimate the power of 1, We look at it and immediately compare “one” to “many” and think, It doesn’t amount to much,
Keep your head up, don't get fed up. Choose your roads wisely, you might like where you end up. Let your thoughts manifest into a physical form. Where you dreams can ascend, and be reborn.
It’s time to change the prospective of world about others Sometimes, life is going so cruel, its gives you rough time, kick and throw all the difficult things on your face like a shit.
Before we started, we were small, not strong The crowd around us said the world was wrong Yet we kept our minds in adventure and lore
Up up I go the stares  and the crowd in the distance  all so loud  I begin crack down  my legs  my spine  my heart  my hands  but then 
Goodbye brokenness you no longer live in my heart anymore. You have lead me to make some irrational choices and to have people in my corner who want to hurt me.
Depression Something that poems usually are centered around, grab your heart strings and strangle tears until you are dry with sorrow
My fears are slowly fading, cascading, 
My mentor is slowly fading, cascading, 
His debut started from pencil and paper, Blue and red are the colors he favors. Ability to leap over buildings in a single bound, And if you call for help he’ll always be around.
Abrasive, apparently accepted, accomplices. Blinding belligerent beasts bounded by Chaos. Caged, confined, conflicted, Deliberately demanding depression.
Everything bottled up. So many frustrations all in one.  "Give it up", they say. So should I get the job done? Trapped in a dorm room.. more like a jail cell. I am here. But what is my purpose? 
To those who need a little extra motivation,   You can be what you want to be You can do what you want to do Always try to have an optimistic view   Nothing can stop you from achieving
If we are delicate, Why do others delight in our frailty If we are innocent, Why do others relish in our misjudgement If we are kind,
The same old things became too boring; Too repetitive, Too every day, Too much like the last.   We heared the same old stories,
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
Strive to fight, Then conquer and destroy. To all who know us, This is our creed. When we fall, We get back up. We hit a wall, We leave behind dust. Standing tall with might,
There are those days. Those days when the planets align,and the world of creativity falls on your shoulders. But why only visit the island of sentimentality?When you have the city of MOTIVATION. Come along!
Dear Lord, I start this prayer with a word of thanks,  for all the blessings that greet me when I wake. I thank You that I can open my eyes, and get up out of bed to see the sunrise.
My happiness through the storm is like a baby that is born Held in the arms of it's mothers, my happiness is there when I suffer Throught the days of the struggle, at time when my knees may buckle
I'd rather be spending the summer days Picking thorns out of my feet From trying to find out all the different ways My imaginary adversary could be beat Than wasting my time trying to be
When I was young, I heard the song of a caged blackbird singing, I heard happiness and vitality in his voice, like he was proud to have seen this year’s spring. What I didn’t realize at the time
"My people!"My people from the motherlandMy blood and countrymanMy descendants para HispaniolaMy companions from Pele La BrasiliaBrothers and Sisters from JehovahMy Rastas from Robert Nesta
When I walkout in the morning sunI’m a better man.
During the momentswhen everything in my lifeseems stagnantandthe path ahead blur,I suspectif this emptinessis what I really am. But a voiceinside my spiritinsists, ‘no’.
I figured out why I feel I don't have real friends So no matter who I'm with I feel lonely in the end It's because I don't live with love in my heart The distance between I and my true feelings keeps me apart
Death Who could have guessed this poem would have been about death? My life has been all about death despite a single utermost definitive borderline quaking occurance this tragedy has been one more way
I AM A fighter.    Walk towards the ring as fresh and ready to go as a microwaved Hot Pocket. Six States inhabited.  New York. Michigan. Illinois. New Jersey. Kansas. And now Massachusetts.  
It’s not that I can’t It’s just that don’t Maybe I feel I won’t But I know I can And I know I will Give me a chance
Power-  to take control of your own mind set, the ability to distinguish the power within  yourself, to not underestimate yourself of the worlds
What's your reason? Times will get hard and you want to give up wipe those tears, enough is enough you're special and in life you have a reason,  so don't fall like the autumn leaves its always spring season
I'm a dreamer call me a prototype of reality A destined leader with a calling to pave these streets with hope,so my followers keep believing In the image of JAH again when they see I The creator who designed me to be a warrior with these words tha
Even if the thousand suns burn you; even if mercy/compassion loses its lustre;
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