A Dreamer

I'm a dreamer call me a prototype of reality A destined leader with a calling to pave these streets with hope,so my followers keep believing In the image of JAH again when they see I The creator who designed me to be a warrior with these words that I script on page to provide bread for my family because I is a lion in my cage. I am a general to an army ready to die protecting the temple of art and word combined,an empire of real soldiers that will ride or die for passion those to fortunate to know the smell of success from birth and crazy enough to dream and create the future from a very young age. I'm young gifted and black,with skills crafted And packed in bags ready for take of to the world so each dreamer can carry faith while claiming up success. This piece is created to directly deliver a warning to non believers,that the time has come for man to now kneel down and praise the great lion with a pen and paper in hand to plan his daily meal,to broke to pay attention to what society has to say about dreams of dreamers that plugged their hearts into a system that keeps them moving forward with success - PRINCE MORETSI,South Africa

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