Dancing in a field of golden dandelions.

Prancing through the grass

under the moonlight.

Children laughing as they play,

singing voices on the breeze.

Baby animals doing as they please.

The comfort of a flickering fire.

The waves as they are rolling onto the shore.

Calming rain as it's falling down.


The light and love the world has to give

surpasses the darkness as it stealthily creeps.

For roses blooming on an autumn day

is brighter than any obstacle in the way.

The stillness of a forest in winter,

every sound muffled in the snow

is enough to make all the worries go.

The world is full of light and of dark

But you can always get through the dark and into the light.


A sunset painted by delicate hands

and the glitter of stars in the night,

this world is full of beauty and light.

There will always be darkness and pain,

just remember to live in the present.

There are hard times to come,

but you have to find joy in the moment.

You have to accept the demons inside,

for too much light creates deserts.

Accept all of your faults,

you are perfect in every way.

A light shines within you everyday.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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