Outward Internal Self


Something that poems usually are centered around, grab your heart strings and strangle tears until you are dry with sorrow

Yes, this is a real thing

Someone's reality


Something that shouldn’t be spoken of in this setting

Only thing that really matters is exterior presence

Stereotypical outcomes

Beauty is pain, and pretty hurt

Wear a mask

Suck it in

Go ahead and bleach your skin

Whitewash till you are brainwashed

But I -

This generation is going against these standards


For we the people, we realized and matured

Realized how beauty fades

And masks get worn, but only cover so much

In actuality once you mask yourself

You are what you most fear

The thing that keeps you up at night

In the corner of your room

Balled up, swimming in the devil's hour of misfortune

Questioning why you’re up at three

What your life really means

Go and reflect

Do not drown your unanswered demons in earthly pleasures

Physical means can not fill this void

that empty hole eating you alive

Go back and look at your past

Realize that you are human, forming, and growing

Learn to love yourself before you dare to love another

Embrace yourself and all your faults

Embrace the value of life

Embrace your culture

Not only the one you're in presently

But what's in your roots

What makes you, you

And do not be ashamed of what you find, do not dig up and hide the gold

For many before you have struggled to place it there and bring it sustaining life

Wear the crown of your ancestors high

Proclaim your stand

Say “I am Here”

Then, look at yourself

Look at yourself

Did you let it go

That light in your eye

The innocence once there stripped away

Or is it a fire

Overtaking wherever you might land

Which you can’t contain

For it isn’t your fault right?

Wandering child

Don’t look to others

Up or down

For you are you

Beautiful has you in it

The word beautiful itself spells out BE YOU to the FULLEST

And once you become of it

Not one could change it

You are the way you are because you are you

Disregard the slander of the snakes tongues

Do not cast your pearls before swine

For they do not deserve your time

Your precious time

Time flies by

Especially when you see pigs fly

Not the metaphor

But the ones higher above who gouge them self on your time

Though they forcefully put those rose tinted glasses on

Be the one

The outcast

Call them out

For you are above those, do not be misled by their illusions

Individuality is originality

In a world that's trying to not be like everyone else, but so into uniformity

I curse assimilation

Discrimination is present today

Sextism is here

But us, me, this generation

Will go against it

But if not they

Then I

Not because it's the cliche

But my duty

Or I am just as bad as they

Make america righteous

I can’t say again there

Because it never really was

But i’m proud to be here

No matter age, race, class or creed

Red is what we all bleed

White shouldn’t be a type of supreme

And blue lights shouldn’t make a child scream

The young are aging

And in our souls we are quietly raging

Do not walk in fear

Change is nearing

Hope appearing

Be aware of what's in the clearing

The fact that beauty is fleeting

Looks can be deceiving

And there is females not eating

Not accepting their curves

Their beautiful Naturality

No matter black, white, hispanic or asian

We are all one

No longer allow invasion in our nation

You beauty Queen


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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