My People One Love

"My people!"
My people from the motherland
My blood and countryman
My descendants para Hispaniola
My companions from Pele La Brasilia
Brothers and Sisters from Jehovah
My Rastas from Robert Nesta
My philosophers from Dr. King Mandela
Hablamos different idioma
But live with one idea
"We live to love, we fight to live"
We are survivors who know sacrifices
BeCause we do it everyday
We are not military warriors
But we believe on the next man
We don't crack under pressure
Nor do we fear the darkness
We stumble many times but we never fall
We cross path with misery daily
Our swords raise high every time
We are not The Messiah but we make wine from water
We never win all our battles but we win all our wars
We don't use guns, words are more powerful
It's a mystery to all when we talk about where we from
It's amazing to them to learn about how we retrieve blood from rocks
Water in the dessert, And Snow in the summer
We don't always know our way, and where we going
Because our path is new to us and our community
But we are mercenaries that shape their destiny
We flow with the wind and follow the sun
We fight with life to see another day
We don't complain the bones is too hard for us to crack
Neither do we kneel down on one knee and give away the black Spartacus freedom
However, with the love of Nesta
The spirit of our father Mandela
The wisdom of Ghandy the Omega
We never fail to reach our destiny
Even when we have to cross against gunfire with machete
When we have to fight with chains and shackles on our legs and arms
When all hope is lost
And nobody to rely on but ourselves
We fight and continue to fight, fight until our last sight
We fight not to prove a point or our strength but we fight
For us, for each other, for our children, for the struggle, and most importantly for our love to live to see the next day
If you read this and want to remember something
Let it be that "we live to love and fight to live"
My people, let's live to love and fight to live.

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