The Glory of Humanity

Glory breeds glory

Exalted men are beacons

High upon the pedestals of history

Trailblazers true and fair

Battled the blazes of judgement and despair

To create a more progressive air

To err on caution is to submit to fear

They do not know how man can fly

It's pride, to conquer the summit of impossiblity

It's determination, to never relent against the beating waves

It's endurance, to withstand all criticism

To reach the pinacle of achievement for humainity

Is to embrace absurdity

How many of you were scorned into submission?

Even I am guilty

"That is impossible, it can't be done."

Oh, but I answer to you, it has been done.


To think different

Who will willingly venture into death's doorstep?

Perhaps with open arms?

Never will one who cowers join the ranks of men in Valhalla

They cast thier doubts onto the abusrdity

The very absurdity that built our world

One day, as history repeats

All will have a choice at some point

Rise, recognizing the risks

Or fall into the fear of pain

Countless times that very decision appears

To everyone

You may not battle demons

But fighting anything is always still a fight

The explorers who conquered Everest

A symbol of the impossible

The warriors who never forgot thier dreams

of equal rights and the desire for better

From protests to rebellions

They inspire

Almighty nature, the societal fabric of the world

Is no match for a stubborn man or woman

Inspiration can be found easily

Delve into the victories of yesterday

Even as basic as you choosing to survive

Even that requires the strongest of wills

Ceasar took his leap with the crossing of the Rubicon

Confidence lead his armies; worthy men swore,

They swore alleigance to Ceasar

Joan of Arc prioritized all of France

Over all of what she grew up for

People doubted her

Like they will you

Do you see yourself?

Man or woman or anyone, it matters not

A human. 

We're capable of anything.

If Edison could light the torch for the birth of the world

As we know it

Then you, you beautiful human

You can achieve anything

Just look to the stars and remember

Who else looked to those very same stars

For their guidance.

That is what inspires me.



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Our world


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