And If At First You Don't Succeed...

To those who need a little extra motivation,


You can be what you want to be

You can do what you want to do

Always try to have an optimistic view


Nothing can stop you from achieving

Failing that timed test won’t prevent you from succeeding

Never give up and never stop believing


The numbers on that paper don’t determine who you are

Don’t let them make you believe you are nothing more than subpar

Your perseverance is what will get you far


I know things may seem tough at the moment

And you feel like the world is nothing but your opponent

It may feel like an endless cycle of defeat leaving you broken


In the end, you will succeed

Your efforts will have paid off, thus you’ve achieved

What you have suffered for, was worth it, indeed


You may feel as though the world is against you

No one to help and no one to turn to

The ones who should be there never come through


Left to figure things out on your own is a difficult challenge

Sometimes you wonder how you’re even able to manage

Dealing with constant negativity leaves you at a disadvantage


You will come to your all-time low at some point in your life

Questioning how to deal with all of this strife

Your pondering thoughts ask what may be in this “afterlife”


You want to know what else is in store

Of your journey that you were put on this earth to explore

There has to be success in the future for that’s what they all preach, never more


Things will get better they all say

So, I choose to believe it and continue to pray

Pray for nothing but guidance, for in this world I will stay

I will await my time when comes our Judgement Day.


Love, Gabriella Craan 

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