Mr. C Kent

His debut started from pencil and paper,

Blue and red are the colors he favors.

Ability to leap over buildings in a single bound,

And if you call for help he’ll always be around.

Working a nine to five at the daily planet

Yet ready to leap into action like a rabbit.

The one and only, The man of steel.

This is the one that taught me how to deal

With the struggles of living life

And whether or not my actions were wrong or right.

Superman, his powers are in his name.

Super strength, supers peed. No other hero is quite the same.

He can do it all, and almost nothing can stop him.

Pit him against any hero and none can top him.

He is the motivation that makes me want to be my best.

I want to be the one wearing the S on my chest.

Because of him I believe I can do it all

And because of him every day I stand tall.

His only weakness comes from his home planet Krypton,

a piece of rock that turns his mortal switch on.

My weakness is not having something to strive for

Because without a goal I am without a reason to soar.

Anything I put my mind to I know I can achieve

Deep down in my heart I truly believe

That if I continue to work and continue to try

One day I’ll be superman, soaring high in the sky.

So thank you Superman for giving me my next challenge,

To be the best me I can be, and help someone else in search of balance.


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