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I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility.
She fell in love with the people she returned because of them because she wanted to love them better and she did. Though she also learned to love the moments of the sunset over the lake
Dear You (yes, YOU, reading this), when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by? will it be the rumble of our cars passing by? spewing posionus gasses that will fill our infant's eyes.
I saw this man alone in the brisk cold; He wore an eskimo hat to keep warm. A passing girl praised the hat, and behold- The man offered it to her, against norm.
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Lover Abroad Tell me you love me. Remember the ferry ride?
NUMBERS   Dedicated to the people around the world who I really want to help. …but I can’t quite just yet.  
The Trinity VICTIM I stand alone. I stand unheard, unnoticed. I am on my own. And the world cannot see. Confined to space and time am I And I cannot try
You own nothing. You go to school... to learn? To understand what you will love to do for.. money Go to work and plan  your future around.. money now.
Why are my brothers and sisters judged on the color of their skin Why do Women compete when in we're alive isn't that already a win Why do Nigga's push pound and powder Why you around them cowards
Never been one to settle on one thing, my mind always moving, never pausing to stick to one choice, one life-altering decision. Even my love for language sometimes never seems strong enough for a life-long commitment.
I watched from afar, the world pass by, I stay in my santuary, my safe haven, my books as my reality, it makes this looklike a dream, I view it as a story, one to yet be finished, thisdream is my favorite, one with lots of twists, it has days and
At the sound of an alarm, We wake! At the smell of a brew, We wake! At the turn of a key We move! On our path to fortune, We dream, Yet, at the sight of the homeless child,
Barefeet running through green grass Hair wiping to and fro gently in the breeze Sunshine reflecting off eyes colored brass Loving the wispers of the seas   She sounds goregous, free and alive
In our world we see only one thing
This is a money hungry nation and without it you can't succeed,  People havin to suffer for things they need,  Yet the priveleged prosper from their greed,  I'm stuck in quicksand while the rich go full speed, 
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
We’re built,We’re born,We love,We scorn The worldThis placeThe people,This race.  One thought,One kind,One hope,One mind. 
Eat my words you beast of paper, clawing for truth and lies Soak up my tears and my smiles, my heartache and my giggles A half-formed poem a finespun respite for
Of shrimps and steaks and sizzling soups And turpentine rolls and cabbage groups Comes a man of greedy, vicious frosting The essence of virtue he is lacking. An effervescent mind when he wants it to be
To resist an opportunity in the midst of our days by the sunlight catching the inner core, it holds weakens the penetration of the mind, the many splitting of the selves, the gold no one can take
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