Your One Ticket


I watched from afar, the world pass by, I stay in my santuary, my safe haven, my books as my reality, it makes this looklike a dream, I view it as a story, one to yet be finished, thisdream is my favorite, one with lots of twists, it has days and nights, bright and dim lights, it has good and it has evil, it has frowns and it has smiles, it has love with death to deny it, this story is my own, my life as I know it, it has horror and passion to appire it, it has teachers whom believe, and kids who love to believe, it has parents who down grade, and friends to celebrate.

This poem means alot to those who understand it, because I'm telling you, your life is what you make it.

Never risk or take it.

Now wake up and live it.

Because this is your one ticket.


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