Just Under The Skin

In our world we see only one thing

We see each other, but only with our eyes

We don’t look with our hearts, nor our minds

We dare not look at our feelings just below the surface

Our words, with everything will be okay

Why bother them, I am sure they are fine

No, because we can hide it

We can deny it

You can look into our eyes

and yet you still will never see the lies

Won’t ever see the pain,

The suffering each one has been through

But, why is that?

Because we are selfish?

Because we don’t care?

Or simply because we are trained not to look

To ignore it like it is not there

Like what they feel isn’t that important

That it’s not worth what?

Your time?

Time does not exist, it’s been made up.

In reality, you have all the time in the world

Take a second to realize, that many are not okay

They are not fine

There will always be something wrong

But why is that?

No one will know

Just stop, look into my eyes

Tell me you see what I see

Tell me you can see how I really feel

Look at me and say “I see through your false smile”

Say you see the pain I am in

Tell me you know what it’s like

Show the world that you are not as blind as you seem

If you can, then you my friend, can see just under the skin


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