I started off so timid and shy.

Conformity, humility.

The culture taught I must comply.

Communities; in unity.


and then I flew across the blue

for knowledge I seek in the land anew

but so many things I thought I knew

were not true.

I had no clue…


Be confident and be unique!

Speak louder! Do not be so weak,

voice out your own opinions,

and use your rights! Get to the front!


Too much to take too much to say

I had no self to show or speak

old goals had clashed with newer peaks

I spoke with thoughts that don't line up

Rebuilt myself from bottom-up


To understand and compromise

so neither flower wilts or dies

I'm humble and I'm confident

I'm built to bridge these continents


Third culture kid I may be called

another one who wants it all

To stand right in between them both

look what I am I've seen me grow



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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