When They Write Us Down in History


United States

Dear You (yes, YOU, reading this),

when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by?

will it be the rumble of our cars passing by? spewing posionus gasses that will fill our infant's eyes.

will it be the bloody news that's on every night at five? speaking of how millions die as we just stand by.

will it be the silent screams of those we've left to die? the ones who are chained and trafficked whilest we averted our eyes.

will it be the ignorance? the lonliness? the lies?

when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by?

we chose our paths. we chose our sides, but YOU should choose what they remember us by.

it could be the protests, raging far and wide, that call for our equality and an end to all the fights.

it could be the kindness that shines in people's eyes, people caring, people dreaming, about the world in which they reside.

it could be the trees, reaching towards the sky, nurtured and loved by those who now have died. cared for by us who believe enough to try.

or it could simply be the love that is in your children's eyes. a legacy that will survive.

when they write us down in history, what will they remember us by? 

you chose. 




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Our world


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