Thu, 07/03/2014 - 23:21 -- Bree M


Why are my brothers and sisters judged on the color of their skin

Why do Women compete when in we're alive isn't that already a win

Why do Nigga's push pound and powder

Why you around them cowards

Why so many religions

Why buy shit FDA approves of when you can watch mama cook in the kitchen

" Bitchen, Snitchen, Wishin " slang the generation teaching. Is this the new tradition 

Why people cant get no jobs

Why work so hard turn around felt like you just get robbed

Why a "Boss"  Let's Listen Learn Lead

Let our outcomes be nothing truly but Good deeds 

Why are we all segregated. Where above we were all created

Why are most African Americans stereotyped. You turn on the radio

Nigga's talk about nothing but laying pipe getting high like uh kite 

Why rap this generation Preach Sex, Drugs, Women, and Money. This ain't funny.

Why does a man hate a Woman's Independence 

Why is the government designed to the people in debt

Turning us against each other like a threat

Why did drugs have to hit so hard

Why my brothers can't get no jobs

Why aren't we practicing safe sex

Why they ain't give us a cure for AIDS

Why some women empower then throw shade

Why do leaders seem to all just Fade 

Cant live without something else needing to be paid


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