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tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
What do you see when looking at me from afar? Staring at me with those stones in your eye sockets. The lava pours over the top and out my ears.
I forgot I’m forgetting I’m forgotten Since I got away from you for solid years, Built up confidence like a Berlin wall that separated my mind from people like you.
Is it over? This war that we have Is it over? Doesn't matter because you took my heart and threw it into a bulldozer   I don’t think I’ve ever been more sad
Why do I dislike your company? Why does the conversation run dry? Why does your presence elicit disharmony? Why do you render my plans awry? I find your interests to be drivel,
 Your ray of sunshine hath died. <br>Perhaps the things I thought true Were nothing but deafening lies, A façade. You were like a sister to me Always a shoulder to cry on.  The room no longer glows a golden hue as you enter a room, But a mee
The knife in our backs The memories revived I see it all When he plunged it in my soul.   How cruel was he,  Listening to me complain As the soul I was allegiant to 
You should be sorry. Sorry for cheating. Sorry for being a bad friend. Sorry for being bitter. Sorry for lying. But not sorry for existing. I'm already sorry for that.
knowing when to stand down being aware of when to shut up allowing ideas to form without speaking them all will pay off in the end
Day to day Keeps its charade 
Circumstances may neglect you No matter how people Bring you down to feeble And let your self-esteem low and blue   Only fools burn bridges Of one’s failures and foes
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
When the Earth was created and the humans were made. God created a thing called feelings. And as in every fairytale there's always an enemy . This enemy is called hurt He goes around prancing up and down killing joy as it was a passion of fate.
  With freinds like this who needs enemies? Big, Huge smiles and grins, But Ignorant to the feeling that lied deep within, Not knowing that it was all just pretend, Jealousy, Lies, Envy, Deceit,  
People stand behind me Supporting me Cheering me on They're my closest friends In front of me Are my enemies I know they hate me Their faces filled with disgust
You curse me I hate you I want to destroy you.   If you are not careful You will push me over the edge But still you curse me.   You say I am worthless You bash my loved ones
You want the world to stop hating You want it all to end But I bet you don't realize That the first step into creating a loving world Is to first stop hating your enemies And start making them your friends
im on play, watching everything move in a reverse. who said rewind was good? mistakes driven through again. who said rewind was bad? love being simulated across the globe.
My private thoughts are my worst enemy Things that shouldn’t roam my mind, do. Eventually it becomes too much So I open my mouth And when I do, all my thoughts flow out
People can make you feel like crap, Like everywhere you go, there is a death trap. They can make you feel like you’re not worth a thing, And they can make you so mad, you wanna take their neck and wring.
What happened to our friendship? Why did you leave? We were so young, we were so naïve. We didn’t know what a terrible plight And now we are stuck in this miserable spite. Maybe we can survive,
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