What Happened to Our Friendship?

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 16:39 -- eweinz


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What happened to our friendship? Why did you leave?
We were so young, we were so naïve.
We didn’t know what a terrible plight
And now we are stuck in this miserable spite.
Maybe we can survive,
If we learn to take a dive.
You drove me insane;
Now our friendship’s down the drain.
You walked away,
Without realizing the price to pay.
Our friendship was porcelain.
It broke and you ran.
And as the trees begin to wither,
You dare not come hither.
We tried to talk,
But you refused to reveal how you felt
And now it can’t be dealt.
For me, you wouldn’t spend a penny
And now you’re declared my No. 1 enemy.
You hid behind them, you made a disguise
I thought we were friends, and you continued your lies.
You’d always assume the worst in us
I’d tell you you’re wrong and you’d make a big fuss.
We’ve walked down this lane
And ended in pain.
At me, you would laugh and jest
And then tell me "I'm the best."
I didn’t know why
Then you would deny.
You think you’re so deep, you think you’re so wise
But you’d never consider how it's seen through my eyes.
And just like a fallen feather,
There’s nothing more that will keep us together.



Written based on an experience I had with a previous friend. High school can be a treacherous place when you don't have a friend anymore.

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