Fri, 10/04/2013 - 01:35 -- xixi743


People stand behind me
Supporting me
Cheering me on
They're my closest friends

In front of me
Are my enemies
I know they hate me
Their faces filled with disgust

I hear words spoken behind me
To quiet for me to hear
I wonder what's being said
But I don't bother asking

One day
I understood the whispers
The secrets being shared
The rumors spreading

I was filled with confusion
My friends were talking behind my back
The people I trusted the most
Had become an enemy

I stared in front of me
At my enemies
My friends still whispering behind me
I can't help but wonder
If I'm standing in fron of a mirror
The enemies ahead of me
Are only a reflection
Of those behind me

Not sure who to trust
I curl up and hide
I close my eyes
And surround myself in a wolrd of my own


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