What I Do on the Weekends


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People can make you feel like crap,
Like everywhere you go, there is a death trap.
They can make you feel like you’re not worth a thing,
And they can make you so mad, you wanna take their neck and wring.

Ignore the haters, ignore them all,
Cause one day, they’re gonna just fail.
One day they are gonna get what they deserve,
And we can watch laughing, at their bodies being preserved.

They think they are cool and that everyone loves them,
But really they are ugly flowers and their heart is the stem,
When I do my magic, they are gonna fall to the ground,
And I’ll be laughing when their bodies are found.

Then everyone will know not to mess with me,
Cause honey, they are all a pastime, you see,
All I know is that I got your back,
And if anyone comes around, I’ll give them a good whack.

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