lost love

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Love these days is no longer valued. It is just like eating food where one can have it and when there are satisfied,they just leave and move to the next like changing your plate of food.
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
Des enfants déjà grandis Des baisers déjà oubliés Des plantes déjà fleuries
When you lose Remember There will be another blessed day There will be another play
I'm tired if feeling all alone... Waiting.... Anticipating.... Heart racing... Pacing.... Giving up on Love.... Retracing.... Reminding me of what was... What could be...
I'm tired if feeling all alone... Waiting.... Anticipating.... Heart racing... Pacing.... Giving up on Love.... Retracing.... Reminding me of what was... What could be...
My heart pulled through my chest Even now your memory and smell lingers
I. The light of day unraveled Drove rain in fists of wind Trounced the sound Shrill its shearing fabric   The wet black-top hurled back moonlight In shimmering frantic fractures,
A fading memory of what once was, now a dying poet. Love has slipped through my fingers like running water. I sleep to dream and dream to sleep pushing life into my last rest.
             Start nights  I do not miss you on a clear starry night. When the stars sparkle oh so bright I see you in my mind's eye feel your arms around me so tight.
Those dishes that I cooked,  Those stories that I said, Baby, you said you were impressed...  
Your memory overtakes me           I drown in it It kills me slowly And I welcome it I welcomed all the pain You ever gave me
Then I hear the rain slowly begin to fall, Its starts getting louder as it hits the ground, This is after I am woken up from taken a nap, My mind won't let go of that damn sound, My eyes slowly peel from each other,
I'll arrive early enough but it's always tough to notice you since fifteen as you come old and green   no matter how hard I try every morning you always wake me with loud warnings
just in time for fall you lose your green tint left with no leaves at all questioning where your life went
while you are out here, striving and thriving, i am trying to stop myself from continually colliding into you. i wish i didn't love you as much as i do, i wish this was easier for me to articulate.
A rumble of the earth shot through me; My life flashed before my eyes; I understood what the world was saying, Telling me to love you, Showing me your uniqueness,
Frozen memories Lost in time Tattered corners Forever mine And in my pocket you may lay Until I need you again someday
I've traveled many lands To a find a mind like yours. I'm writing down new plans Once I reach new shores. Now i'm somewhere in the islands Underage mystery face in a bar.
I could hear the wind, rustling through your veins, when you opened your mouth and the gnarled wings of a hummingbird fell out. I could taste the regret,
deep breath, deeper, deeper yet, deeper than the ocean of your   eyes that keep calling me home, calling me back back to the  
She had galaxiesIn her eyesAnd her tearsWere falling stars
Heartbreak is my greatest muse. When all I can do is think about you, why shouldn’t I write it all down? It’s my thoughts and my feelings too. I still see in my dreams almost every night. You live in my heart but not in my life.
Was it worth it all? You did everything to reach your goal, And you lost your mind in the process. Was it really worth it? All those years of pain and misery.  We got what we wanted,
I thought about it a lot,you know. I thought about howyou would curl into my chest on thosecold, crispnights full of stars. A way ofsaying "I love you", but withoutthe sound, the verbal reassurance.
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.the purity in our intentionsBefore we refused to speak what was unintentionally mentionedThe lies you’d cry
Last night someone asked me, "Are you not interested in someone right now? Or even have someone to flirt with?" "Theres no one right now." I answered. They were dubious when they asked,
oh how i wish i could rewind i wish that i could turn back time of all the things that i have said oh how i wish that she weren't dead with a heavy heart i fall asleep with all the secrets that i keep
In the shadows once again Not knowing if I am My heart has felt My heart has wept Conditioning myself Without regret
I always imagined us in our first apartment together surrounded by boxes full of our things waiting to be unpacked in our home   a candle lit dinner  of chinese takeout on the floor
Summer Talk to me with your words full of shattered colors. Whisper in my ear and tell me things that should have mattered all those months ago.
I didnt know what love was until i met him. I only read about it in stories and dreamed of it.   I dreamt of a happy ending   I didn’t know at first.
He made her feel so alive She yearned for that feeling of joyOnly he gave that to herHer eyes lit up like the night sky at the very sight of himHer heart came out of her chest with every word he spoke and lyric he sangShe felt so alive with him Be
You never said thank you for the rides home You never returned the looks in the hallways The texts with the girl of the same name, I would never do that to you
In a parallel universe we-could be us. In a parallel universe I have pulled every fire alarm i’ve ever seen. In a parallel universe we live together in a volkswagon bus.
you used to sing to me in our late nights of truths. love songs that made me uncomfortable, drifting me off to sleep.   a sleep that you watched until i woke up, got uncomfortable again.
A mother hatred for a child is like a gunshot to the heart. A father absence is like a never ending nightmare. A grandmother dying wish, is like having your soul be taking away from you from God himself
My love burns like hot coals. My eyes burn like hot coals melting into the back of my head. My brain is just liquefying in love I love you. I don't know why I said I didn't. I was alone in Australia.
Wishing I could travel through time and then I'd go and make you mine again, but I'm sipping on this Heineken wondering if I'll ever be fine again. I think about you on a constant basis.
The Biggest Mistakes I Made in my First Long-Term Relationship i gave up my happiness in order to help make him feel whole
Today I saw you’re the books your favorite author wrote. I still have all those books you gave me sitting in a pile under a small blue table that you helped me build one day when my parents weren’t home.
I long to wrap my aching arms around you, I can still taste the melted vanilla lipgloss you so carefully applied to my trembling lips You kissed me reverantly like I was a prayer you dared not speak aloud,
  The Day You Died         I scrubbed your prints from my walls
Constellations between you and I wrap around my mind I see stars in your eyes I see your hands around my thighs I see wanders New beginnings. I see a world where it’s just you and I,
"I am sorry, my Love." I say as I slam the door in your face. "This has to stop, our feelings we must erase. The world devours the things we hold dear, and though I'd love to hold you, the end draws near.  
Every day the sun shines brighter. Every day the birds sing louder. But to me, every day is dark and mute because every day, I have to live without you.
I am ready to move on I am ready to let go I am done tormenting myself with what could’ve or should’ve been. It’s time to let the past be what it is.
Carry on now, there's nothing to do. You're over me but I still love you. I need you so bad, I miss you my dear. Where are you going? I'm right here! I've cried so often, I just can't anymore.
Once upon a time in the lavender fields shone a sun in the deep blue sky.   But even deeper was the blue that shone in that sun's ocean-deep periwinkle eyes.   As it kissed my face
I’m going to write you this one last poembut I’m tired of talkingall this emotional shit is exhaustingI’ve written pages and pagesof sensitive outpouringsI wrote you some shitand called it “your poem”
  THE PAIN WAS DELICIOUSLY EXQUISITE The pain was deliciously exquisite  Down to our last visit. We were so high dancing in the sky You blamed me for not being magic
Perched Upon His Shoulder Perched upon his shoulder She asks him tohold her A nod of agreement with a look of dismay She sits facing the future
I know it's the past now   But it's really hard for me to believe   
You and me Were never meant to be All the memories Make me forget how to breathe I can’t even look at myself because I’m not sure if I’m me
To My Angel, The frustration of figuring out what to wear when I was first meeting you was surreal. 
When our eyes met on the first dayyour life was in shamblesand before longit was me putting it back togetherone kiss at a timeyou were lost, while I was the one searching for answersI was mearly a crutch
This one goes out to all of the girls sitting in the audienceWho have had their heart broken! Come on! Raise your hands!Don't be afraid to admit that some guys just deserve to go to Hell!
I'm sorry You cared so much  And I thought I did too  Now I miss your sweet touch Though I was the one who left you You weren't perfect But nor am I 
Laughter fills the room but a place empty No flowers were to bloom Just a late night memory   They come and they go
You dont want it to be real, a broken heart... its crazy.... almost unreal.... that pain.... you forget untill your reminded.... of what its like to love and lost.... ...its bittersweet, really...
My first love flashed before my eyes.... Anthony Phillips it was such a short time. Average height,slightly taller,wheat blonde hair,with those amazing green eyes.
I stay awake at night and stare outside the window-      into the void.  My mind turns to you and as I stare into the  nothingness of this starless night, I cannot help but think      now,
i remember the sorrow when you saw me -d.m.s.
sometimes when the night air is still the world holding its breath on the edge of a sunny day and gale I wonder.... what if I had stayed? what if I hadn't slammed the door and run away? 
They are all carbon copies Were my polariod kisses too permanent for you? Too much of a constant reminder That I helped you grow from darkness That you cannot delete  Memories of chest on breast because
Erik, I understand In dark slain Erik, I feel your pain Hold my broken soul Only you can know Erik, pass this life In darkness, I love you Ugly Erik, poor Erik
The core of my affection  something he will never see.  I shoved it down beneath  and I never let it free.  He must think he is hated  Because I never acknowledged him.  But when he is around 
I miss you sometimes, When I think about you.   I think about you sometimes, When I'm lonely.   I get lonely sometimes, When my friends abandon me.  
We are orbiting, you and I,
Having a hand to hold, fingers to play with The whispers and inconsistent chatter Some who understands me, someone I trust with anything and everything The anticipation, the longing to be with you
As I sit alone on the brink of death My mind wanders to a gentler time. A time when the wind didn't bite And sun it set- never died. I remember the first kisses, the many, many kisses
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
What do I regret? Maybe I should've cared more.
I am so mad at myself for what I have just done.  broke a heart, I took a life, I stole a soul. The heart I broke was that of m loves, and the life i took the same.
Searching I found it The thing I seek Good times, or bad times I will never share it While the drum is beating, I’ve still got air.   There a bullet in my heart
Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe
There is no day left to this December, no scotch in the hollow cabinet no ashes left from when you sat beside the candle…   I lie in the palm of my bed
Today is...                       the long slow ache of missing someone you love and knowing there is no way to retrace your steps...   of standing in small empty spaces
How many times have I forgotten you today... Five?  Six?  A dozen times perhaps....   once when I saw a shadow and realized it was mine with none beside it. You were gone.  
I hide inside myself in some secret waiting place far away, close beside, listening to songs I remember of you.   No one goes or knows or maybe even cares,
If only I could turn back time, I'd go back to when you were mine. If only it were that simple. Even then you didn't belong to me, But I believed in the possibility. There was a chance,
I planted you a rose; sat and watched it bloom the rose didn't feel me watching, or notice that I was trying to forget you.   Who do roses grow for? Surely mine for you,  
Creaking doors; blackened tombs Scarlet robes fill the empty tombs. It's almost beautiful, Don't you think?
Each day i will look into his eyes and love him. But each day dream i have is about you. Sun set hazel eyes. Our long distance love. First time we met. Your proposal. I can never day dream about him.
Sometimes I want to cry but there's no more pain to be felt.  I breathe in deeply to let it all out, but all that I am is hollow
It’s been a couple months. The pictures are all gone. But there's no delete button For the pictures in my head. Or the words that you said. I’ve convinced myself that I’m over you.
Don't leave "I love you" She repeated Look at how bright the stars shine for you Its beautiful isn't it It must be nice to be the new girl kissing you Im forced to say the truth im not over you
I wish you called me baby like her. But as soon as your lips curved, The barely audible sound waves pierced the air, I wish you hadn’t. It’s just not the same and every time you do
Where have you gone? I havn't seen you in a while.  Do you still remember me? Have you forgotten the love we once shared? I miss you daily.  I think of you often. Do you think of me or do you hate me?
i wake up look around realize its real. not a bad dream. it happened.   i close my eyes and escape life pulls me back im still here
it takes just a second of familiarity
When you said those three little words My heart stopped
The leaves on the tree They symbolizes your love Now it's winter time...
​And as the days go by you rub away at me and peel back the pages of my skin Soon I shall be raw,sore and broken
​And as the days go by you rub away at me and peel back the pages of my skin Soon I shall be raw,sore and broken
Once I care about people there's no turning it off and five years from now I will probably still regard your name with a hint of sadness and wonder at what might have been
My frustration is I feel out of place! I had everything I truly wanted and felt whole with what I had. Now I just feel like I have what I want and don't at the same time. I mean fame is becoming more and more of a turn down.
For love I'd give my last words, but never speak them with a lie,I'd fight for your trust, but never force it from your side.For love I'd climb the highest peak, but only if it ended with you as my view,
There is something across the sea,  Something foul that beckons to me.  Will I leave?  I shall indeed. To my Muse that beckons to me.    There is something on yonder shore, 
I raise up my sword I lay down my dreams Captured without word Free falling, it seems You drift from my life And leave behind scars No knowledge of strife Or mem'ries that mar
Never will it do to lieAbout how fully that you've caught my eyeNow you've gone; I can do naught but sighForever gone; I can do naught but dieBraver ones will surely tryTo win you with winking, and batted eye
The sun falls across your faceCasting your eyes to the gold of Summer's last daysSomehow, by God's good graceI knew you for a while and will remember you always
You're still here After all these years In shadows dancing in the dark Those pictures framed up on the wall In distant echoes of a day That long slipped into past.
The autumn leaf; it drifts alongOne last remnant of days bygoneIt floats and it drifts, a twirl as it weavesIt cannot be bothered; shall do as it meansA memory to visit and, meandering, mourn
Your sticks and stones break my bones, Yet, names will never hurt me…   Overall it was worth the fall I’d be glad if you never met me
Love is a complex thing. It does not always end as you wish it would. Sometimes the person that you love does not feel the same fire.
Why do I write?Because it is the thing that lets me be creativeWhy does anyone write poetry?It's a song one can sing without knowing the correct notes
Every day I wonder what I should say.  When I see him, my hands start to tremble. His eyes hypnotize me and sweep me away. Everything I say comes out in a mumble.   I dream we will run away from this town,
I lie awake, alone in the dark Fingers lightly tracing a black and blue mark "How will I hide this?" I think with distaste Wincing from the bruise on the side of my face Recalling the anger he demonstrated tonight
Sometimes it hurts when I think aboutThe fact that you, I am withoutI'll not be the one that's by your sideThat simple grace I've been denied
I seem cursed to love what I can't ever haveBut I could have had, and that's the rubI ran away when it looked like loveAnd I see my folly when I look back
My heart chasesBeating, tremblingA hope that shatters only to be remadeOnly to be shattered again My heart lovesSteadfast, enduringA memory rich as if one day pastSo fading now and lost to time
The warm sun shines upon his face But he is weak and oh so numb He's going to miss this wondrous place But it's time to go, Death has come   She walks into the room to find His body lying without life
in this endless confusion of wonder oh i wonder, i do wonder where your heart beats where this love meets how can i believe that we were meant to be if you aren't even here with me? left to wait
Like the rose who's petals have fallen to earth Like a single snowflake melting alone Like a whispering breeze with a lonely fall-leaf Like an empty laugh lacking of mirth
  BLED OUT   This pale heart of mine struggles with atony. Paper curls rain down from a fenestrated sky: Reams of esoteric paeans       soon crumpled by bored scientists.  
Who am I? What can I say? The sting of thorns dripping with poison brands my heart as life slips from those eyes that I thought I knew so well. In my state, I have become the doll that mourns in silence.
Come My love My sweet dove I miss you so I look for you above And yet they tell me to say no They say to say no to the love that grows When you left me, left for good I said I was done
I saw him from across the room He looked like his mind was five miles away His eyes were shinning like the morning sunrise His soft blue shirt making his eyes pop. He started smiling at the ground
A rose, a rose A flower of red Attraction and lust So fills my head For it I left my darling Lily My white and pure perfection
It is strong. it is weak. when i think of it i get no sleep. like a sword in the hands of a boy. there is love. there is joy. it can help and it can harm. with the swing of an arm.
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