I long to wrap my aching arms around you,

I can still taste the melted vanilla lipgloss you so carefully applied to my trembling lips

You kissed me reverantly like I was a prayer you dared not speak aloud,

And I loved you for it. 


You were my first love,

I longed for you, burned for you, lusted for the sweet cherry taste of your lips.

The way you looked at me set me ablaze.

I was a fire burning brightly in the night but you doused me out with your ic water words.


How dare you make me love you,

How dare you make me long for you, even now.

I loved you like a fisherman loves the sea, like farmer loves the land,

but you scorned me like a mother scorns her ungrateful child.


I still taste that warm vanilla sugar gloss coating my lips,

But it reeks of the death of love.

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