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When life comes to shove, You can count on a nurse, to keep you in the universe. Nursing is an act of love. 
I saw on the news that people were protesting wearing the cloth masks in public spaces because it violated their rights.
That was a rainy day Mom got hurt It was only me and her I was scared, could only run away   That's how it started I'd become a nurse And after some time to protect the ones I love
my dear nurse! in this condition... talking to you, cures my depression... I'm in distress, my friends left me... watching you, is the reason i'm happy...
When the sun is but a brushstroke on a canvas of black, we rise Too early, too tired, too under-paid  We arrive in droves and disperse to our respective stations Work begins before work, on the glare of a too old computer
Dear friend: As a person who wants success in such a small town Filled with gloom, praying I prosper and don’t reach my doom.
Dear friend: As a person who wants success in such a small town Filled with gloom, praying I prosper and don’t reach my doom.
A nurse is the worst to have for a mother. They say shut up, grow up, or go cry to another. For they have heard all, seen all, treated all others, They have none left for their own sole daughter.
As a freshman, awesome meant passing a test without studying. As a sophomore, awesome meant getting invited to an upperclassmen party. As a junior, awesome meant getting a promposal with the football captain.
I don't know why you wear a mask,
  Honestly My dream job is to be spokesperson As a surivor of sexual child abuse I believe I have a lot to say To stand for And to do   I did not just survive for myself
I am not complaning, but I live life in struggle Every corner that I turn, missing pieces to my puzzle Since bullying exist, l've  lived life in a bubble. I wasnt affiliated with it, I never really got in trouble.
As a child I wanted to become  a princes A nurse
  A job is not just a job. A job becomes who you are.
When I was young I wanted to become a chef but that thought changed ever since i knew death I realized I wanted to help people so I aimed to become a nurse knowing that I would have to study everyday like a curse
She was only 14, When he had collapsed into her lap. Eyes filled with terror, Hands shaken cold.
.......................... the doctor intubates;the nurse begins compressions;the tecn runs for the defibrillator;chaos.
Focus, involvement, schedules, preparation, and goals, Words that have played a crucial role in high school. Four years of learning about my strengths and weaknesses, Finding new interests that will lead to my happiness.
Nurse helping the sick and injured
Save a life Just save one life.
I have a dream career That I am pursuing.
Who are you going to call, When your leg is broken and you can't walk, When you have sniffles and the chills, When your back is constantly hurting, But you don't know why? Who are you going to call,
I don't know how it feelsTo be given an expiration date.I don't know how it feelsTo swallow sixteen different pills each morning.I don't know how it feels
Though the journey is rough, I can. The intensity is unbearable, but I can. I will help others. I strive to be the best. Failure is only a trial. I will be the best neonatal nurse. I think I can.
   I have dreams, A nd they all start with "me", The kind of dreams that are bright and colorful and b
Nothing else has ever come to my mind, but my wanting to become a nurse i fell in love with the idea of everything in the medical field being diverse
It started as a game, When we were younger. We gave ourselves fake names,
There is only one thing I wish to become.
When I was growing up I wanted to be a vet, But I would get weird looks from the other kids, and when I’d ask why, 
Scalpels, gauze, IVs and Band-Aids All of these things are surely manmade But that’s not what nursing is all about That’s why I am writing this poetry shout out  
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