Mon, 02/10/2014 - 02:01 -- Mariska


When I was growing up I wanted to be a vet,

But I would get weird looks from the other kids, and when I’d ask why, 

     They would say “Why a vet? You would kill animals.”                          

I decided that I couldn't deal with that.

Then somehow, I decided to become a nurse.

And oh the irony- I realized something then

That in a way it would be almost worse.

I know now that I would watch people dying.

But there’s always a silver lining;

I would witness life-

 I would witness pure determination to live, in some cases.

I’ve been accepted into my dream college,

And I've been told that it will take 5 years.

I know that I will not only become an amazing nurse there,

But I will discover who I really am.

Being a nurse would make me feel as though I have a concrete place in this world

Where I would be able to do what I do best.

A nurse helps people, sacrificing things that others take for luxury-

Sleep, I would give it up.

Family occasions, I would give it up.

My family understands this and they are always behind me,

In my corner, picking me up when I have fallen.

When I think that I am never going to amount to anything.

But we had done this song and dance with my martial arts-

I got my Black Belt through determination and 6 grueling years of training.

I will do the same again with my nursing.

It will happen. I do not know the word failure.

It will happen. There is no other life for me than that of a nurse.

It will happen. I am strong, stubborn, and have my family for support.

If my martial arts has taught me one thing,

It is this: if I want something bad enough,

If I train for something hard enough,

It will happen.  




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