A nurse

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 18:24 -- 7plasma

That was a rainy day

Mom got hurt

It was only me and her

I was scared, could only run away


That's how it started

I'd become a nurse

And after some time

to protect the ones I love

I’d put my own life on the line


That line became so thin

Making me solely wonder

In between all this

what could've been my sin


... maybe you...

So lovely called me hun

You said I was your moon

And you my shining sun

You said we’d marry soon

With flowers on my hair

Then all turned upside down 

Why’s this world so unfair?


Becoming a soldier, going to a war

You're broken down, living in the hell

You seek hope, a smile, a star

Yet, nothing a supermarket would sell

There's only  death and blood,

On an amalgam, a thing without a name

Also me

In this hospital 


Where all smells the same


Just wanted to make you proud

We made plans, a future to fight for

I'll  always  try my best

I always want more

Now feeling defeated 

crying out so loud 

Feeling sick

Sending more dead bodies through that door

That ideal flourishing life like nothing before

Became only a distant dream

While I’m laying on this floor 


It's just got dark and I'm afraid

24 hours shift time, the worst comes now

How could we reach this stage


Just waiting

For the monsters to come

and drag us down




This is one of my poems in honor to the nurses working for saving lives.
This one is based on the testimonies from health care professionals working on the frontline for saving covid-19 infected patients as well as from a nurse friend of mine who I deeply admire.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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