The Love of a Nurse


It started as a game,

When we were younger.

We gave ourselves fake names,

While making sure our "patient" became stronger.


There are times we sit down,

Wondering where our lives will lead us.

I desire to put on that surgical gown,

To assist the doctor in success.


I want to care,

Love, guide, and support.

To save someone's air,

As the first resort.


I study all night,

Because one day, a nurse I'll be.

I will put up my very best fight,

for people like you and me.







Hi, my name's Hannah! I'm from a small town in Wyoming. I'm attending a two year college nursing program first, then I'll be transferring to another college to finish my RN degree. I've always had my heart set on nursing and I believe it's a job I'll love waking up to do. However, my parents have decided not to help with my college costs, and this scholorship would help me a lot since college isn't cheap. It would be gladly appreciated to recieve your help!



Thank you!

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