Piano Keys


 A job is not just a job. A job becomes who you are. It becomes how you describe yourself. Now think, is that a good thing or a bad thing? A job to be is like a piano. Each person makes a different sound. Each key has the place they belong, and once they find that place, beautiful music is made. My piano key is not just a sound, it is a symphony. A symphony of learning and hard work and dedication. And my symphony is being a nurse. Symphonies are not only heard, they are felt. You can learn the text book and the numbers, but no one can teach you how to feel with a patient. Being a nurse is not about good grades and studying. Those are just the sounds. The symphony is learning to cry with a patient. Making a symphony is knowing that holding some ones hand while they are hurting can mean the world to them.  The sounds are full of medicines and the charting, but the real symphony is when all the sounds come together and you teach yourself to feel the things that you could never learn from a professor, the symphony is learning to love people when they are at their weakest, and knowing that someone has breathed easier today because of you. The sounds are not beautiful by themselves. They must be carefully constructed into something that no one can describe, something that can be felt and understood. My piano keys are something that no one else can make, and my symphony is something no one else can feel. 


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