What's in a Nurse?


Scalpels, gauze, IVs and Band-Aids

All of these things are surely manmade

But that’s not what nursing is all about

That’s why I am writing this poetry shout out


We focus on healing and ask how you’re feeling

We give you your meds and make up your beds

We’ll take care of you, and your family too

We’ll all work together to make you like new


Of course there’s more to it than the physical work

And also the benefits—that’s just a perk.

It’s about being there with you along the way

To help you with healing day by day.


You see, a nurse is a leader, a teacher, a friend

To get you up on your feet and back on the mend

Its about kindness, compassion and advocacy, too

Isn’t that the nurse you’d want taking care of you?







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