I am a Nurse.


When your day is just ending

My day is just beginning. 

I enter your room silently,
They call me an angel 
I go without sleep
I sacrifice my time
To cherish your last hours 
Or your first sight of this life
And all that's in between
I vow to serve you 
In all that I do 
When your pain overcomes you
I will hold your hand
When the fear is beyond you
I will show you I care 
You can lean on my sore shoulder,
I will not reject you. 
You can call upon me for help,
I will not forget you. 
Although my feet are numb and my back is pained
Only great things are gained
Because you are smiling now
The best part of my day is 
seeing you laugh
I am here when you fall asleep 
I am here when you wake 
And even though the goodbyes 
Are the hardest part
I know that they're only for a little while
My patient, my responsibility 
My short term friend, 
my life long memory 
I open the eyes of the born
And close the eyes of the ones who fought their hardest fight 
I am the healing hands you feel 
when you wake from surgery
I am the wash cloth on your forehead
when you are birthing your child
I am the middle of the night pain reliever
I am the one who didn't give up when others thought you were gone.
You are my patient.
I am a Nurse. 
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