social justice

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                                    Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
I died a million times  That day packed with so many Pairs of eyes that it dazzled  When I swallowed so much water That I’ll never go thirsty again
Today I feel griefUnlike any otherMy country has fallen In hands of angry men My mother weeps For whom I do not yet know Perhaps for my brotherWho fought for change But couldn’t bring it
We need to stop laying low. Patiently waiting for change that  ain't gonna happen unless we  are the change. We are the change, the new generation To come together and make the world better
This is no dream to me It was not my ancestors dream It was not something we wanted to achieve   Kidnapping and capturing brought us here Where we built on once sacred Native lands
Do you care Do you give a damn Look around at all this bloodshed   We're not making this up It's time to wisen up The evidence has always been here   People are dying
" Resistance-" the word resonates while causes spring up like mushrooms after a rain. And now, we have hashtag this and that and the "Me Too" movement
Clawing and fighting and breaking and scrambling for purchase On the rocks that cut your hands and your soul Climbing and kicking and screaming for the top of that cliff, Reaching it and falling on stones
  The city street is their territory And we are their prey. I used to not mind it so much. Their stares. And their piercing howls.
My brothers marched as one today They never saw it coming And I have never seen such pain Or so many people running   With dead set eyes and shaking hands, 
A ban on one is a ban on all for the blood that’s let the oxygen inhaled the emotion felt the heart that beats they are universally one and adhere to no borders or  boundaries
I am of a white sun against a blue sky, and a blue star against a white expanse. My body is a legacy that spans centuries, continents, cultures, and creeds, sustained by lo mein and latkes alike.
Have you ever been forced to surpress your emotions, so much and so bad you no longer knew how to express those emotions? Been told to "Sit down, you're too loud," or maybe even "be quiet" when you have been anything but?
Keep your visions awake They can sneak away  as you sleep    Your dreams control them But barely hold the hill You will run from their onslaught  And let them run too  
I used to be afraid. Afraid to speak my mind in an unkind world That shut my mouth for me before I even opened it. I learned to sit down and shut up
For The Land:   America: With all your beauty and grace, your Miss United States, Your pride and stars and stripes and stunning monuments dedicated to (racist) presidents past
Dear society, Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for telling women that they are worthless unless they have double-d breasts and wear a size zero. Thank you for telling African Americans that they are only beautiful when they don w
So much depends upon the proper playground pick-me-ups And picking perennial playground buttercups
The world today is at war. People screaming for more- More peace, more love, more reaching for the stars above. No more war, no more lies, no more spit in our people's eyes.  
The sinister lies/of the people/Who have never experienced the truth/They see a pride of lions prowling on their prey,/I see them feeding their starving cubs./They see it as an invasion of their territory/I see shivering and freezing creatures loo
Rainy days with a cigarette in hand. No better feeling Outside water taps on the roof In the living room smoke floats up to caress the ceiling While the poet just sits. Aloof
My mind spins thinking about the word, “White.” About how being white is like being the reincarnation of Hitler, In the eyes of the blind Social Justice Warriors,
What if white were black and black were white, What if night were day and day were night. Would things stay the same Or would they suddenly change? You see, it's all about the meaning, not about the name.
1992marks the yearmy grandmotherfinallymade it to the United States. 2017marks the year she becamea citizen. somewhere in betweenthose yearsI realizedAmericadoes not look like me.soon after came the realization thatAmerica only lovesa familiar fac
America the Lost When people say “America the Great” They are almost unwaveringly supporting An America of Hate.
A nation dedicated To equality is great.   On paper, No nation greater.   But if all men are created equal
  What do I see in the land of the free and the home of the brave?   Fat minds grow restless, fed stories of the hardship and challenge of older days. Pride blooms like a plague in the hearts of the prosperous.
She’s read history books about this moment 
"It's a man's world" Break it. "That's a woman's job" Break it. "It's not god's way" Break it. "This is a free country" Is it really?
The Supreme Court has ruled that it is legal to discriminate against people with dreadlocs "It's not a race thing" they said, "It just tends to get messy."   Heinous acts against others,
She stands a witness to history's changes And winces at corrupted exchanges The howls of her children burn her ears As liberty bursts into tears Unable to fight back; unable to save
I once thought, being asleep was a nice thing. I could dream, stay afloat in a world of my own, my eyes and ears closed
Smashed windows Town stores burned to the ground Streets blocked Cars as our stepstools This is not peaceful Ruined views Torn down pews Yelled, screamed, shouted your brother’s name
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night breathless.   My lungs seem to convulse, and each inhalation of air seems not to be enough for each exhalation too quickly follows.  
What do I need? Well, I need money for college, that’s for sure. And I need more people to understand that scholarships don’t come easy. I need more people to understand what a necessity college is as well.
Gina Napolitano Cotton   Your crosses are covered in blood. Not the blood of Christ, But the blood that oozes from brown skin.
My fair lady, my fair lady Be a good girl, be a dear Do the cleaning, be the cook All your worth is in how you look  
Everbach, Helen noun               (1999-) US writer, social activist, high school student; full name Helen Martha Everbach  
I could say I'm five foot one,
I am  Passion running through my veins Something so powerful Nothing can explain   I am  A dreamer who thinks beyond the sky's limit Who measures time by experiences Not minute by minute
I can't breatheI cant growI can't reachMy aspirations are made in desperationin the belief that if I don't change my occupationI will become nothingMy excellence is irrelevant
Racism is what we make of it. It is not a problem. We make it a problem. 
Fuck it man, do it.  
What is happening to our country? A false image of justice, freedom, and democracy How can we be any better than Russia, China, or even slavery?   Racism, Hatred, manipulation It's all still there
19602014Makes no difference to meHistory repeatingWhether youFire hose meRape meBeat meLynch meGun me downCan't control the center of the problem#IfTheyGunnedMeDown
Breaking not so new news:  a young Mexican boy was shot and killed by an older white male.
I believe in second opportunities,
The skin on your palm is just as soft as the girl’s hand I used to hold so many months ago. I find pockets of happiness in the hard rasp of stubble against my jaw as I kiss you once and then again;
Fight Another Hour By Jesse Yelvington   Screw you for saying who and what I’m ‘supposed’ to be, Though I hope you know that nothing you could say will ever change me;  
I live not for orange chicken, nor Miss Saigon-style hats.
Now you lay me down to sleep The soul God prayed for you to keep. Sentenced to die before I awake, My life ended, because of one mistake.
W…I…I…F…M… Can’t this acronym be a problem? What’s In It For Me? Not ‘she’, not ‘he’, not ‘we’ but ME
When you leave, please, Leave the world better than when you found it. Everyone deserves worthy health And to be cared for, but it doesn’t always happen. If you want it, ask for it, And more than once.
Affirmative action. A good idea? Perhaps. Equality for all races... Hate that word, races. Tells of a division Separate groups Of black, and white. "Why?" some ask Not understanding
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