I Can't Breathe


I can't breathe
I cant grow
I can't reach
My aspirations are made in desperation
in the belief that if I don't change my occupation
I will become nothing
My excellence is irrelevant
and I have become indifferent to the evils of the world
as I try to hurl myself into the light so that I can be witnessed
but instead I am dismissed treated like refuse
because I have no "profound" use
I have found that black excellence is treated like rubbish while white mediocrity is exalted
For no other reason than the color of my skin!?
You can't even begin
To understand my pain!
When its cool to be black but only for profit or gain
When racism is believed to be extinct
But I still feel its distinct
All of this is hidden by a society
In which we have to fight to make black lives a priority
I simply Can't Breathe
Society doesn't Want me to succeed
My dreams will remain just that Dreams
My path is covered in shattered glass and coals
Which is much more painful than stepping on legos
I'm wading barefoot
Through a heap of ash and soot that
Could be my dreams.
But their not
And they never will be
I simply won't stop
I Will transcend this dark place
And enter a New space
Where I will travel at my Own pace
And society is not against My race
I will work til I drop
Because I will reach the top
And nothing
And no one
Will stop me
Til I can breathe


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