Twisted Tales

Rainy days with a cigarette in hand. No better feeling

Outside water taps on the roof

In the living room smoke floats up to caress the ceiling

While the poet just sits. Aloof

Thinking, "is the current weather enough to put a fire out?

To cleanse flame, and order reclaim?"

However, my law is crime to you

And under your legislation I'm supposed to give up time to you

A few surrendered more than was needed

Like Lil' Redd riding through the hood. One pig shot, two more repeated

Why? Because he was in the wrong tale

Could've been the other way around. We didn't get details

The pigs got to keep their homes

Acquitted for having crammed three into Redd's dome

I call that a homicide, and it isn't lawful

You call that a "good day's work." How awful


Snow White makes you Sneezy

Weed makes you wheezy. Get you both? That's easy!

One of them turns a beauty into a beast

The other is used most, yet understood the least

Light another Newport. Night came. The rain left

The flood can't even delay the car theft

Humanity is built this way. Made for malice

How I have envied both Peter Pan and Alice

An escape is sweet and pure fiction

More real are pimps, gangs, addiction

Less fake is Cinderella's affliction

Than the State of the Union address

"Friend, I want to hear about Kim K's dress"

Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel are both in distress

Too many kids are coaxed by sweets

"But Game of Thrones is too good to rescue them now from the streets"

Cool, son!

I got some booze in the fridge. Open a cool one

Kings sit in a palace able to rule none

Hoodie on. I haven't finished the drink

The waters are turbulent, but we can't all sink


I'm going out

Yes, I'm going out

I'm going out

Yes, I'm going out

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Our world


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