The Silent Scream


United States
40° 49' 49.5552" N, 75° 50' 51.306" W

Now you lay me down to sleep
The soul God prayed for you to keep.
Sentenced to die before I awake,
My life ended, because of one mistake.

Though unborn my fate awaits,
A painful death leads to pearly gates.
As my limbs take leave, there comes a red stream,
But you won't hear my silent scream.

Metal clenches 'round my head, signals the time of death
With no way to fight back, I take my last breath.
I forgive you, not knowing the price to pay,
My life was "your choice" either way.

A mother's duty begins with life,
your task ended with the blade of a knife.
I will never know love or hate,
Because to you, my life was yours to take.

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This poem is so powerful. It stopped my heart, I was moved. There's nothing really to say except, wow. Wow.


Amazing. This is my passion.

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