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So a thunderstorm A really ugly fight Four days of not talking Maybe just another break But we know that a break isn’t a break
                 “We Will Survive” When we were born, we live in peace,And your life will be at ease.No problem to think aboutIn this world full of doubt,We can do nothing but ending our livesFrom all the problems we strives. In this world full of
i look into your deep brown eyes    and feel gusts of wind rush into my lungs at the speed of light.   deep breath in,   deep breath out.   i can finally breathe again.  
In Dying Her body sank into the depths and embraced the sun.  
I am in love with the rain. The way it cleanses my heart, and soaks up my pain. The way it relieves me from the draining sunlight that had burned up all my emotions and left me a barren wasteland.
Letters bleeding bodily into blank sheets Whispering wildly in her mind Flowing creatively through the ink Mind forgetting the outside world Only imagining the one within Wishing wholeheartedly to go
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
I’ve been writing this poem for a month,  I don’t know how to tell you what  This has done for me without also sounding Out of breath,  But last week, I wrote 3 poems and not one of them 
To vent is to relieve yourself To benefit one’s personal health To hold things in you are at risk So let it out   Do not resist   Cry, whisper, shout, speak Don’t hang on 
We look to find just who we are inside Forever looking to find where we fit Having constant fear of being denied In the process some people just lose it Everywhere we attempt to interact
There's a night sky star And as I watch, it twinkles from afar A simple one in the sky I don't understand why A shooting star I miss It's like an endless abyss Many stars illuminate the night
I already have a gag around my mouthIt keeps me from speaking out.Heavy chains weigh down my mindThey keep me tied.   The rope is ready and set
They had a Life full of Fun, neighbours and Family; Disaster struck and tore it all apart leaving them Funny; where use to be home is now pile of sand, stones and nothing...
She was the canvas, the blade the brush, the blood the paint that gives her a rush. A rush of releif  from the opressive thoughts that control her mind, that takes control of her life.
I finally spit it out. I finally told all.  I finally admitted it. I did it.    I regret it, but not really. I know a part of me does, but right now, I can't find it.  
The circle The rustle of the blanket Pulling me away from sleep From silence But in the absence of silence In the midst of noise
You caught your breath. Your eyes shifted downwards and upwards and all around the room, as if you were looking for the truth. You pushed your back against the cold wall. You hesitated.
Rise and sing to me my demons. Scream out the songs of anguish that long to be somewhere other than within my head. Bash yours the truest minds against the sepulchers that entomb you and rise.
Darkness fills the world around me, trapping me within its confined space that seems never ending.  It tightens itself around me, putting pressure on my chest and compressing down until I feel my lungs on the brim of a burst. 
As blood gushes out of my wound and spills onto streets that someone in mine or yours were slaves on,  I do not think about #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter.
We all had it coming.
Typically when I'm stressed, I try to focus on things that cannot be changed. Even though my entire family and even some friends tell me I'm blessed, I cannot help but to feel like I'm tied to a chain.
When I'm feeling low, Music helps the feelings flow. When nothing else can save me, Music is my savory It serves as an escape As I feel like there was an earthquake. When emotions are running high,
Wake up for school.Seven hours of class,Two hours of nap,Three hours of sleep. I walk upon the clouds,Sail past the horizon,Reach for the stars,And become the hero.
I felt something I haven’t felt, in a long time. The feeling so, powerful, so indescribable. Does music just seem, unremarkable?
I pick it up And turn it over It balances perfectly in my hand No chips No dents It's ready to use My feet on the line My arrows in the quiver Ready to shoot
I try to breathe in and out Throat feels thick and no breath comes Body shakes deep in the bones I cry out from stress around me I feel it all bouncing on and off me I am a sounding board for the hurt
I sit on my padded bench and examine the ivory keys I breathe in the smell of old wood and I stretch my hands with ease   The pedal creaks below my foot despite the gentleness of my press
   I admit I'm not tough...   I can't handle much... Or at least not at once.    Yeah...  Sometimes I cry and I can't sleep at night. I'm stressed out,                                It broke me.
“Drugs”   8:00, where you at with the good convo I’m waiting patiently but maybe I’m pushing for pronto I’m addicted and I’m hoping  that you can follow
I heard the reflection of an iceberg is you when you renew your vision Tell me how to get clarity with my wrong decisions I guess my heart is a toy, did i fail to mention
Officially unofficial Temporary partner because for the moment it was beneficial Emotions intertwine and interchange and then it hit you Your perception of reality was a tragedy
Dear Diary, I’m sorry. I failed you today. Dear Doctor, I’m sorry. I failed you today. Dear friends, I’m sorry I failed you today.
Eyes wide And stinging With tears Feeling so light And heavy Without fears Warmth growing And fertilized By thanks And gratitude And a smile Quiet but there
In the shadows  in the shade when the hope of past things fade forget the past forget the pain  when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save  it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 
Black sand, burning my feet On this island of pestilence I stand Each step, a searing heat But only my heart will it brand.   Around me, I am surrounded by dead foliate
Even though you can no longer see me Look at the sun when it rises Look at the moon and stars   Even though you no longer feel me
"Ok did that word escape my lips again  Afaid When did I start with just pretend Relief Is there none here now for me? Believe  I'm strong enough with Him Courage
Under your shattering rain There's just too much pain We stand at this hopeful Meridian.
Rain, The rivers of water rushing down my umbrella, The icy hand of the wind hitting my face, The sound of war within the clouds, ringing in my ears, The slip slapping of my rain boots on the sidewalk pavement,
I live in an earthly purgatory But tonight I smelled rain amongst the brimstone I inhaled the scent of a coming cleansing Of liquid purity flooding down upon the fire   I reside in the depths of perdition
Being sick to me, iswaking up due to that small subtle crease in the bed causing
If there was an exit, Life would mean that much more, Life would be that much harder, Having to hold on knowing its ok to leave any time through that one-way door Searching for it, she chose to stay,
This is to say I have borrowed the makup remover you had in the bathroom drawer
i cant dream and im not sure why everything i've ever seen hurts me, i cant help it but when things get tough i feel like screaming these things just aint easy everybody wants to know if im insane
this life of mine is strange, i change, and people still dont recognize i fight but i never die, struggle and never cry it gets hard sometimes, god dealt me a wierd hand and its not easy to understand
I've always told myself... maybe one day, things will change, now things have changed i dont have to cry at a young age because im hungry now im making money, before i used to get beat up
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Today was a day of sorrow and grief Tomorrow is a day that is short and brief. Although its a terrible path to tread There is nothing I can do instead.   There are things that no one can understand,
Crying doesn’t solve problems But it will make you feel better That’s why we cry on others’ shoulders That’s why our pillow is soaked at night That’s why the next day we can smile  
The power to work and the power to try,The power to tell the truth and the power to lie,This power is within us all.But look around see how we’ve fallenShort of what we could be.
After the darkness cleared from my head And all of the words that he said disappeared  I took one good hard look at myself and realized I was happy 
time to sit downand frown a littlecry for a secondwhen sadness is beckonedtime to lay stilland fill with griefmelancholy is realwhen it's all you feeltime to breath now
If you play a game Do you consider yourself a player or a gamer? What if the sky and ocean reversed? What if our roles in life were extremely cursed? What if good is actually bad?
I am an erased soul Inside of me Happiness is never set free Passed are the times of cumbersome And I noticed the monster I have become   I lift my foot up  
It was time to go For I heard the pop of the bow With a seconds notice came a bright light In the midst of this dark night A voice boomed of a man For then my legs started to run
It was another bad nightAnother resort to my pad nightI can’t even write, I’m so tired…But it’s the only way I can nod outIt’s like a high to me.
My soul succumbs
The calm before Yolanda
Relief: A warm hug. Relief: A loved one's soft kiss. Relief: Secret nooks.
He has been walking along this blinding, stony path for quite some time. The sun strains his eyes, and the stones hurt his feet. Every so often, he trips along his way. Every so often, he stays down where falls.
You watch the number on the digital clock gyrate a teasing dance that burns your eyes and you can feel every second that ticks by in the tightness of your skull and the dryness of your eyes.  
kicking dust as i move ahead, instead of getting down and dirty. i could, but i’m more of an insider as you can see these sounds; the synergy of cooperation and contemplation
Throughout elementary school, poetry was just another thing to read. I didn't like it at first, it was a tedious deed. Back then, I was and even still am a shy child. A quiet one, who's imagination was and still is wild.
I consider myself to be a little strange With thoughts always racing through my head I consider myself a dork because of my passions Things I love inspire me to write down what I once said  
I stand as a shadow among millions of face, my voice is silenced by the echoing river of voices a like. "break free from the drowning"; I scream from the inside, then one day from a blank page, the worlds ears became my canvas.
It knocks me down All I do is frown You call I fall I cry I feel as though I'll die But I dont. Beckon me you do I am yours to command, pursue Broken almost am I
 She missed the day he smiled All that it reviled was an innocent child The regrets of the child started to fade Her heart was cut witha blade The blood of a sweet, but soft serenade
Everyone dreams of growing up With memories of when you drank from a sippy cup Places you've dreamed of going Expressing yourself because you're already glowing I want to be free   People may say
I write because I am a citizen who has her rights to speak her mind, To be able to say what spoken words cannot comprehend.  I write to give advice to the teens who don't have someone to confied into,
Words are a form of understanding, feel the spark when it clicks. You are thrown into the mix. The words become your fix. All emotions on high, it kicks.   Words know your heart,
Writing poems... words with a significant meaning of symbolism. Poetry; mankind's way of expessing feelings. Bordem, delightfulness, aggression... a therapeutic treatment for copious amounts of feelings and reaction.
 “A Lifetime of Pain”   I remember it was raining.  
my passions and dreams are what leads me today, it's my dear mother that makes me stay. her nagging and doubts pains me to keep, but my heart burns a fire that comes in deep. my passion to dance and sing and act,
I never thought much of my poems The silly little things I would scribble in my notebook during class While my Calc teacher would give me numbers to ponder My mind would always stray to words
Superstorm Sandy took away my home.  She didn't take away the walls or the floorboards,  and my bed hasn't moved at all. But She took away our light, for all of seven solid nights.
Every time I look around I see you and me Standing tall and proud This Country the land of the free and home of the brave Soldiers fight day and night, so we can be free Where else where you rather be
-I live a new life now, its with Christ now, no matter how my background went down, my intent now is to live alright now, the wrongs that i write down, insight to fight the wrong so they live right now, im talking right now, im talking bout the ki
Sometimes, things are bad for me, age has nothing to do emotions are real, very real. strong enough to guide me to the bathroom where I sit contemplating the very nerve of my exsistance. I don't need to live.
Don't do it because I need to Don't do it because I suppose to I do it because I want to Writing is a passion; No type of skill; No type of fashion Its a style; A style to speak truth A reality check for some of our youth It drives us kind of craz
Writing is about the fluidity you have as a writer, as a storyteller. You have to pick and choose the words you use. Craft them to your will. Make them paint a picture.    Poetry is a very pure form of 
She lies awake at night The ceiling her best friend Her thoughts race in fright At no point do they end She's never sure about what she sees Always wondering if her head is playing tricks
I was introduced to poetry at a young age it seemed to soothe me when I was in a rage it helped me get through those tough days it helps me explain rather than sorrow in pain
The world we live in today is like a big game of follow the leader Everyone wants to portray the things that they seeon T.V. Me?  Well I just want to be me Just because the rapper in the video has money an cars
Poetry, defines me, Literary work in which special intensity, Is given to the expression of feelings and ideaology, Who knew the Poets Me, Poetry, defines me, A way to see clearly,
I was lost But now I am found I was weak But now I am strong I never knew who "me" was Until I found "me" written all over my notebooks Written all over me.
I write poetry.  Poetry is emotion. Poetry is honest. Poetry is simple. A place i can be myself.   I write poetry to be free. To express myself in ways talking can't.
Why do i write? To let people know the pain that swirls in my heart Because my enemies  like to be mean, the reason for my pain, my start Why do i write? Because no one ever hears my voice in a crowded space
Ever had a night terror that festers your mind, captivates your thoughts and completely blows your mind?  I write to relinquish these dreams.  As a slave to suffering, pain and sorrow, I write to forget, until tomorrow. 
A quiet child with nothing to say As Mommy and Daddy were going in separate ways. Caught in between with her big sister. A child a little too young to have a stony heart.
Poetry is no hobby.It is no leisure; no pastime.For these would implythat the choice was mineto thread with such absurd carethese words which are laidupon my metered heart.
A pen to paper. That's all it takes for the words to flow. That pen, as it hits the paper, brings a sigh of relief.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect It pains me every day To know that I have failed you In every possible way.
I find myself wandering Lost Just walking Pacing Back and forth Thinking About changes That can be made Changes That can bring about my escape My heart races At the slightest ideas Lifting off into space From this place Called Earth Where people s
As she looked down at the scars of massacres on her wrist The tears teased the back of her throat; Taunting Laughing Tempting Pleading The monsters inside were screaming to be set free
Hello My name is Ashleigh I am a 19 year old African American female that was born in December Not only am I trying to succeed in beating out the statistics I am also proving that I can and will be something
Blank page, blank stare, full pen New day, new night, some problems Same hate, same sad Same place, my mind My heart is swollen About to pop, words unspoken hurt it, make it infected
“I just wanted to be normal” She said As she scrapped the words into her paper Until it bled Deep blue ink Onto her fingers Leaving little blue trails through the forest of her written word
now that hurricane sandy is gone there is so much work in the east coast that needs to be done to see the sun for the 1st time in days always brings signs of life there is always hope that doesn't bring trife
Poetry is life. Sometimes my mind stops and I don't know what to write. But in the long run poetry is a way to let go. I set my dreams free and lets my feelings flow. The whole world can know how I feel.
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