I heard the reflection of an iceberg is you when you renew your vision

Tell me how to get clarity with my wrong decisions

I guess my heart is a toy, did i fail to mention

That everyone that left me never found the piece that was missing


No fairytales in the real world and that's really cold hearted

Try to make a change but they want what’s best on the market

If i tried to follow the leader than I’ll end up departed

Cause everyone wanna be the same and not be outsmarted


I’m one out of billions, i have to stand out

I’m in my own lane so im on a better route

Humble and determined but inside i scream and shout

To keep myself grinding even when i drown in the doubt


The best way to predict your future is to create it by yourself

Closed mouths dont get fed even if the food on the shelf

You said you hate the way i play the game well gon head and play the ref

Cuz people out here robbin dreams but i call it self theft


Thief in the night but 911 aint real

So numb your feelings cause ya mind will tell you sumn you can’t  feel

A warm heart tend to get cold even when it  try to chill

So i become addicted to myself without the pill

That's real


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