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Look at that house plant,  why does it tremble? Look at all the leaves that have sank, why are you so gentle?    Why are you so devoid of light?
Tonight, it’s the future that keeps me up, rapping at my head like a madman.   He reaches out his hand, ever slowly Like a snake finding its way to my weakness
Time is ticking ever so slowly I feel like I’m falling, fighting a goalie The future is near And as I look in the mirror I know that I’ll graduate The next choices I make will matter so great
Glaring from across the way I just want you to be my bae How long have I been staring; am I imposing on to you? Anxiety holds me together like thick glue   As I watch from afar
“lesbian”   Fifteen years old, yes, fifteen years And terrified as hell.   Freshman year, the bottom of the food chain It’s dark and cold and lonely.
  I. Our Experience   Time pauses for the first time in history. And I see the moon, orange in hue, looking over her imagined shoulder at--
Calm overwhelms me   Breaking and splintering the anger and painThe words you spoke to me may heal with time But scars take far longer to fade    I stand tall  
I am afraid Of falling so far down. I cannot breathe, facing this jump. But I take the leap anyway. By instinct, I spread my wings And I begin to fly!
I do not have any fears As they are are all too trivial to me. Why cry in front of a bug? Why scream in a small room?
Who would have  thought she could actually do it? Who would have thought she could actually pursue it?  Who would’ve thought she’d ever walk across the stage? Who would’ve thought they would’ve ever said her name?
You thought silence was your friend, sitting alone with only fantasies in mind No one would understand them, you were alone, only someone in the background High school came, speech and debate was supposed to help. It didn't.
Once, I was inside my heart In which I was indulged in the depths of  myself I was better then Than now I say now and then,  But like the sweetness of pain I did not last long in the meniscus
Here we are on an open road, The trees are green and swaying.  Here we are on an open road, I thank the breeze for staying. For my backseat driver keeps tapping me, And putting out his input. 
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