Time is ticking ever so slowly

I feel like I’m falling, fighting a goalie

The future is near

And as I look in the mirror

I know that I’ll graduate

The next choices I make will matter so great

Will matter in my life, affecting it all

My future can change, can take a down fall

It seems to just add

It seems all up to me, more than just a tad

To grow up, and adult even more

For I’m officially eighteen which opens more doors

I’m ready to work

But I’m going berserk 

It’s not a freeing feeling

To do all this concealing

To be honest, I’ll tell

I’m nervous as hell

Just let me walk down the isle

As a fake a darn smile

To get my diploma

From that place called Tacoma

Get on with my life

From college to work with a streak down strife

It’s time to get started

It’s time to grow up  


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