Something of my Own, Something Slowly Grown

Look at that house plant, 

why does it tremble?

Look at all the leaves that have sank,

why are you so gentle? 


Why are you so devoid of light?

You feel better in your dark.

Dad said "Go and put up a fight,

go and speak your part".


That love inside you, that dim spark

Old glassy sky, new North Star vision

You don't die even if they pick you apart.

Clouded eyes clear, what dream did you envision?


The fear will always be there,

to fall, chasing your desire, your true heart.

But Dad's word cushion you and carry you like autumn air.

Tomorrow is yesterday if you sit all day, the same day restarts.


You named me house plant.

My flaw and your unseen affection. 

A soft push forward into the real world's enchant.

Under your light, I blossomed, sanguine reflection.


Thank you for wisdom, the rising clouds have taken him,

his words stay alive in my efforts, my eternal inspiration.



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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Annette M Velasquez

Intense and thought-provoking. This was very interesting how you shifted focus from the houseplant to yourself... The rhythm swerved a bit after the second stanza. Overall, the message is powerful and clear.


Thank you for the feedback and thoughts! I'm a high school senior and this is my first poem and your comment has helped me think of ways of improving my poem :-).  I'll edit it sometime to make the rhythm flow smoother. Again, thank you for reading my poem, it means a lot! 

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