Fear i wouldn’t graduate

Who would have  thought she could actually do it?

Who would have thought she could actually pursue it? 

Who would’ve thought she’d ever walk across the stage?

Who would’ve thought they would’ve ever said her name?

 She was never a genius but she was far from a dummy.

They doubted her daily and I thought it was funny.

They would ask her constantly “are you sure youre  graduating”?

Shed  tell them “yes like you I’m just waiting”?

Then she developed a fear like “maybe i wont make it”

So she studied like crazy untill she couldn’t take it.

Then after a little bit of time went by.

It was the beginning of June all the papers were signed.

There was nothing more to fear because she did it with finesse.

The only thing she’s worried about is how she should dress.

 Now it’s time to be happy and there’s no more to fear .

Because she graduated on time that 2012 year.


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