The Broken Pain


I was inside my heart

In which I was indulged in the depths of  myself

I was better then

Than now

I say now and then, 

But like the sweetness of pain

I did not last long in the meniscus

I grew too hard and too fast 

Some would say,

But I disagree

I am still edulged in the depths of myself

And I still feel the pain

Its just more bitter now

Yet so joyful, is the stimulus of the insertion of a needle,


You would say,

But Wait!

It is not SO weird as you think,

I am just you

You just Don't know it

Since You never listen to Yourself,

I say what You say,

And You say what I Don't;


Never Mind.


I was inside my heart,

Now, I am inside yours,

I have learnt the way of life 

Now life will learn the way of mine.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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