Tonight, it’s the future that keeps me up,

rapping at my head like a madman.


He reaches out his hand, ever slowly

Like a snake finding its way to my weakness

Ready to strike at my ankle


His hands are grimy.

They are brown,

And there’s dirt under unkempt fingernails

Nails which were jagged and bitten

Hands that were scratched, scabbed, and bruised.


With his twisted hands he reaches into my head,

Right towards my thoughts and fears.

I don’t know how he knows where they are hiding.


Reaching his destination,

His eyes light up with a twisted twinkle.

They are two dark holes.

There was no love in them.

Kindness was an alien to this man.


As his grotesque fingers wrap around my deepest fear,

i fight.

I struggle to maintain face.

A man like this,

Will not

Can not

Break me


I sit unfazed as he steals the contents of my heart,

Unleashing the skeletons i had concealed.

A slimey smirk sweeps across his face as he unearths my thougts.

There is nothing i can do now.


He now stands tall


And stands in front of me.

As if he was now my superior.


The madman demands i do as he says.

That now my thoughts and fears keep me captive.

That he has all the power.


I do not move.

He barks new commands

And I sit unfazed.


His powerful aggressive stance crumbles

Into confusion,

He is unable to comprehend.


I will not be held captive to my thoughts.

I am not a slave to my fears.

My confines and obstacles are the figment of

My imagination.


I bear them on these pages,

Simply because I do not fear them.


The sweaty madman fades away,

Like a snowman in the light.

As he fades my fears travel back to their resting place.

They are useless to anyone but me.


Having faced my tormentor,

My eyes begin to feel heavy and thoughts begin to slow.

I am free once again.


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