slut shaming

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They call me a slut They call me a slut because I sleep around I guess that’s what they call it They call me a slut because I am good at making men feel good I am good at making men feel good because it makes me feel good.
Guinevere is a woman in progress;  her life is great, her eyes are budding like cosmos  Her blue jeans swell with love and Arthur's pride    She has doubts about her Elaine, and her Lancelot, and her future husband,
To those who want witchery dead, Tread carefully, You could find me in your bed. When you're drunk on cheap tequila potions, And I'm lonelier than sin, I'll play up the magic
S is for sex. Sex with whoever I want whenever I want. Sex with multiple partners because I like variety. Sex often because I love pleasure.
A girl says “no” when she’s sober And she “just needs to relax” A girl says “no” when she’s sober She’s a bitch, a tease with a stick up her ass   A girl says “no” when she’s drunk
At age 5 I heard that 'boys will be boys' I learned that boys had more privileges than I because they were luckily born into it At age 10 my mother told me to act proper, say your please and thank you's, don't speak out
"Oh, baby! What I'd like to do to you!" What'd you think that'd make me want to do? I wish I could let out the anger in me, but I know that it's safer to just let it be.
Condom wrapper on the floor. Whore.
I will never forget last summer. I had always read in those girly books that the summer before senior year is a magical time of romance, ice cream, and sunny soCal beaches. I wanted to make summer memorable. But not for the reasons it was.
I'm whole.  Holy, Wholly,  Pure.  Fresh driven snow, Or freshly cut coke. Blessed and untouched  Or lonely, Unloved Is my flower,  Truly power?  This is me
And she dances away with a smile on her face  So candid, full of joy and life  But only to the naked eye, will she appear to be this way 
As I grew up I always knew The subtle power of having two Differing chromosomes that is
When she looks in the mirror, she pouts, she turns, sticking her chest out further, she wants to pull at the rolls of fat, she wants to wipe the makeup away or else just cry it all off.
  For real, he is a total queen...
  Words have a power only few comprehend,
A vagina is a percious jewel? Seriously? And what is a penis? What is its mythical powers? Why does a woman have to explain her sexual history, intimacies and etc?
I have always considered myself modest It wasn't until the school year of 2012  someone finally thought to point out the length of my shorts and skirts funny
  Look at her ass hanging out. They say Those shorts are cute! She says She needs to cover up. They say I love that dress! She says She’s like a clown They say
A laugh A scoff "She's such a slut" That girl right there With the low-cut shirt, high heels, short skirt. You don't know her, You don't know her life, But that doesn't matter.
You are not a shark:a woman does not attract you likeblood in water.You do not exist to fill the roleof predator.Your kind, if so suitable to law make, legislate, mandate,
the reality of the world today is that there is no reality what we perceive it to be is judgement upon judgement we don’t see “teenaged girl wearing shorts”
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