Pretty Please

At age 5 I heard that 'boys will be boys'

I learned that boys had more privileges than I because they were luckily born into it

At age 10 my mother told me to act proper, say your please and thank you's, don't speak out

I learned how to cross my legs and how to act like a lady

At age 15 I realized boys really liked my body, but that's natural

I learned that boys' sex drive could not be controlled and that's not their fault

At age 16 I know that men and women aren't equal, but that's how it is intended

I learned that men have us in a choke hold and we are fighting for air

Unfortunately, it is not just men that are killing us, it's our mothers and grandmothers and teachers 

Sit up, be polite, look pretty, be modest, periods are gross, don't wear too much makeup.

At age 16 I know that I am a Feminist

This is a secret. Men and women aren't equal. One is superior to the other. Guess which. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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