Child's Play



Look at her ass hanging out.

They say

Those shorts are cute!

She says

She needs to cover up.

They say

I love that dress!

She says

She’s like a clown

They say

 Make up is fun!

She says

Look at her constantly bothering him.

They say

I had a crush!

She says

I heard she sent pictures.

They say

He told me he would like me!

She says

She slept with him.

They say

He told me he loved me!

She says

She’s a dumb whore

They say

I thought we were in love!

She says

Don’t sit next to her.

They say

I thought I had friends!

She says

I heard she’s got a new guy to sleep with

They say

He told me he wouldn’t be like the last!

She says

She got so wasted at that party!

They say

Something got put in my drink!

She says

She fucked him in the back.

They say

It was rape!

She says

Don’t talk to her !

They say

They said they had my back!

She says

She has STD’s

They say

He Hurt me!

She cries


They cry

Believe me!

She yells


They yell

Stop Hurting me!

She yelps

Dirty Bitch!

They shriek

Leave me alone!

She shrieks

Go kill yourself!

They scream

I’ll do it!

She screams

Why isn’t she at school?

They think

Maybe everyone will be happy this way…

She thinks

We thought it was child’s play

The teachers said

Are you happy now?

They read



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