"Oh, baby! What I'd like to do to you!"

What'd you think that'd make me want to do?

I wish I could let out the anger in me,

but I know that it's safer to just let it be.

For deep down inside, I know I'm worth more,

but you will never see me as more than a whore.

Your whistles are answered with flattery I can't feign,

May come as a shock, as a matter of fact, that I have a brain!

I have feelings and dreams of success

I dont want your eyes all over my dress.

I am not a trophy for you to obtain,

yet your boner is something you refuse to contain.

I matter. my dear, believe it or not,

your misogyny is something that offends me a lot.

With this, my love, I ask you to consider-

What this girl did to deserve your mistreatment of her.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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