A laugh

A scoff

"She's such a slut"

That girl right there

With the low-cut shirt, high heels, short skirt.

You don't know her,

You don't know her life,

But that doesn't matter.

"She's a whore"

You say

Without a second thought,

As if these words don't have a deep-seated meaning

As if they're nothing but words.

Everyone tosses them about like nothing.

They're adjectives as common as nice and funny

But there's nothing nice or funny about degredation.

These words are infuriating; 


The hell said you could decide who she is or who she is not?


Is it any of your fucking business what she does or doesn't do with her body?


Did you acquire the authority to judge what's wrong or what's right?

If she wants one guy, she can have him.

Two? She can have them.

Ten? She can have them.

Fifty? She can have them.

None? Yes. 

It's still her choice.

Her choice isn't right

Her choice isn't wrong

It's her choice because it's about how she feels

And you should in no way try to persuade her choice.

If she wants to, she'll say yes;

Otherwise, it's a no.

Are people so ignorant as to fabricate scenarios of girls in their minds

As nothing more than a thing you can use in whatever way you please?

The girl is a performer, an act

Something to look at, something to





Minds must change, people must change

We are not slaves

Or toys

Or garbage.

We may be bitches

And sluts

And whores.

But none of that concerns you.

What we do is between us and God

You have no say in anything anyone else chooses

Because they will choose as they see fit

They will choose to be comfortable and happy.

Whether that picture includes you

Or not,

You don't have a say.

Stay out of my mind, don't try to guilt me or bribe me or control me

I am my own person and I get to decide what's best for me,

You never will.


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