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At the first time grawing, My parents show me warning, In what I was doing, Sometime I was not listening.
I am here at the port, With my artistic writing a poet, This poem is wanting a request. Since I have start to post, Long time did not see comment, I see likes but are short.
The shining of the light on the screen tempts me once again, It's shimmering presence seems to say, "you know how well I entertain!" I look at my work that I've toiled on for hours, riddled with frustration.
I knew when I grew up When playing videogames became less entertaining When my friends and I stopped hanging out as much Or when sleep became more important   I knew when I grew up
Under our skin, Past our appearances, Around our faults, Above our critics, Without our problems, From our pasts,
A soft word written is a loud statement spoken. Poetry, she has given me a voice. She welcomes my pen with open parchment. My quiet self is hidden lest her bold words are put to the test.
Dear Heaven, I am merely a stranger in search of a home Your customs are rather unusual Those of which I am willing to assimilate Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages
Growing up, I never saw a healthy relationship.  I didn’t see my dad kiss my mom on the cheek, And I didn’t see my mom get roses. I didn’t see my parents in the same bed,
Once upon a time lived a shoe maker for the elite. He sized then crafted shoes for plenty of feet. His shop located on Royal Ball Street. With large windows for all to see
Our intellect, Is the world’s information— Yet we neglect, The wordless formation.   We feast on the disasters, They raise their swords, Yet there should be no masters, In our worlds.
The key to life Is a curious thing Some may describe in as embroidered in gold  and flowing with satin ribbons that cascade down its side. Every minute of every day of every year
I want to tell myself that it makes more sense than it does:   A change in motion falling from lips like shifting oxygen inside of lungs that have finally stopped growing my voice
The sun begins its slow crawl from out of the bleak black horizon, Casting its golden light upon all that it touches. It reaches out like a lover to caress the trees,
I can't live without my dad. Yeah, so does seven billion other lads.  Some are mad or sad dads But my dad is rad.  He's ideal as steel  But like me, we cried on the inside.
To understand and be misunderstood. Stories made from stolen glances and borrowed time Magic dashed between letters and spaces and lack of punctuation. 
The thing I need, is what I fear the most. Hidden behind trees of regret, lost in a forest of worry  and need. I need freedom,          liberation,                   and space,
To change my status this poem is written. To all who read it, I hope you are smitten. From active to verified, this poem will change. It's from my heart, but a little strange.
The water to drink, to quench my thirst,  Is only as good as long the river flows The food to eat, to nourish my body,  Is only as good as the time it knows.   The roof to cover, to shelter my head,
This town is thin seams. This town that harbored me in youth, That I cannot live within, but would never soar without. Is Ciardelli neon.
It's hard to put in words, what makes this body me. But trying to be anyone else, is something I couldn't be.   I wish that I could describe my life in these few words
Awesome what is it? How can it be defined? Is everything aawesome Or is nothing at all Awesome? Is it more awesome when Lives are saved or when cool tricks and flip are done?
Every day seems a little gray With at least someone, something, someplace To stand in my way It's not all black and white, all the stories of souls that sing of their fight.
    Before everything was written in true,
"X" Reads
Step out of your comfort zone and become unstuck out of your ways and show case your skills to reach your most greatest Levels in life. Be crazy enough to dream while you still have the chance and become more than just the
Trapt in lies, trapt in rhymes There's no way to compromise leaving nothing behind as I follow this dark road Taking the path less traveled Was a mistake I only feel pain no one to hold
I see me Not a me I want to see... but a me that I can't unseen A me that is viewed as incadescant in the eyes of the profane A me that sins to fit in with people that believe
Oh, how this place has become
 I am… A lot of things Good Bad Both Many things But Not flawless Sorry If you were expecting something else I always tell the truth As I will now
F The letter placed on my birth certificate indicating that I was born with a vagina.
I wake up in the morning and all I see is a normal girl. A girl who people don't understand. A girl who is "different". A girl who nobody knows.
Age what place to be. My peers but youngins
From this nation full of discrimination Already judging before any information
 The love they speak of had no exceptions. No repeats, no hesitations. But I can't recall a single day of seeing my parents together. Where is this love they told me, why can't I see it in my parents? Is the love gone...?
A fatal choice;On but a whim the world unmake,Could I,For this inquiry's sake:"What would you change?"  
Power Poetry by Anthony D.  I rise in the morning to get my day started
A dream is far from a physical state, a goal remains beyond our reach for so long. Through creativity and complexity great things come. People live for eachother, weak or strong.
Cooped up in his room
How do you become H-A-I-T-I-A-N?
  Heart of fire blazes in the sky Of orange and yellows As time slowly creeps by   Waiting is task of the mind Passion is task of the heart As my eyes despereatly try to find  
Oh how you stay on my mind everyday like a tidal wave I drift in your emotions hoping it'll never stop because having your breath on my neck takes me away from my darkness your touch like electricity, spreading warmth throughout my body I’ll neve
Watch Beautiful, the reason I need you was Just because,Our Hugs, it’s so memorable just like when the Snow falls.Hold! Is it your smile, your view, your everything?Something that can make any man heart race for eternity.
How does one let ones self breath? And how does one give everythig? Ive been stuck in a world with nothing. But pain and regrets, I still cant forget.
Technology is a pretty cool thing And saves us from getting into a lot of trouble. And not just the “typing ten pages in one night because you procrastinated” kind of trouble.
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