When It Hits


Oh, how this place has become

-- this little planet we call home --

chemically-soaked, sex-permeated

to a disturbing, over-all

addicted translucency.



Watch ahead, guard yourself

Look to the heavens, find the way to safety

Be cautious, the enemy will kill, steal and destroy

-- he was given power under us,

Thrown out of the Kingdom,

Placed in confinement --


You will be proven

Shown of all your actions and words

Judgement from Father is stone



He can wipe it clean.

Making it pure, ready to start again.

By your choice.


Father waits to hear,

ready to wrap you in His arms

that fill you with... indescribable

Angels quick and tough

and protecting assisting you

(It's the beginning of a new life),

when you come close to the stumbles


Father watches us all,

waiting to release His wrath

that burns us to spirit.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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