Step out of your comfort zone and become unstuck out of your ways and show case your skills to reach your most greatest Levels in life.
Be crazy enough to dream while you still have the chance and become more than just the
Person you know you are,and also someone that your believers wish you to be. Transform yourself into being the person that you see yourself as in your dreamland
Work hard to be the realist,and always stay original.
I wake up each day a big a** dreamer,about to head on my ship and sail to an island where my
Freedom is located.
And even though they judge and misunderstands my purpose on this earth,I'll forever be breaking these boundaries and walls of limitations they keep building in front of my hopes and dreams. Now step out your comfort zone to be the person that you see each and everyday in front of that mirror. Jah bless- PRINCE MORETSI,south africa.

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Our world