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It amazes me how some people are able to make their bodies move,  And how they work countless hours in an empty studio to try and improve. 
Some people change because of pain, for better or worse, We all possess a light side within us and dance in it in the best of times
When I was little I luxuriated in you Let your legs carry me up trees and into castles Past fire breathing dragons And over sidewalk chalk You danced me in ballet class With my head held high
  dear Lover, I played Odile when you wanted Odette-- but Melpomene would agree that the best romances perform as tragedies I think you knew we were the same girl
Dear Mrs. Lisa, I hope I never let you down, Though I know I could be quite a handful back then. I remember when I was just a kid
It was not the act but the feeling: Intoxicated by the way feet glided across our small favela, the floor almost as black as my skin.
I miss the form. The elegant beauty of the landscape. That's what I'll call it, The landscape   It was like a landscape Long and lean, tended to Graceful and wind blown  
Twirl, twirl on the stage, light as air Satin cages that hide the despair Scars and Blisters causing pain Of a dreams that will soon wain Take off those satin cages and breathe 
Tutus and tiny slippers running onstage hopeful the encore resonates. Bounces to a higher level no trepidation glide into position
The smell of cookies fills the air, And viewers rush to find a chair. The curtain rises, stage is set Nothing moves onstage as of yet. So let me introduce to you
Whether I am warming up by myself Or auditioning in front of my teachers to prove myself The sense that I feel as I dance is inspiration.  At the barre, I practice countless plies, tendus, and frappes
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
I am beautiful dancing across the stage flawless stealing your heart broken I am broken pink tights hide bandaid's bandaid's hide scars scars scars from cuts across my hips
When the lights are shining down on you You finally realize that what you have worked for Strived for all year Comes down to a mere three minutes on stage So you leave your heart on the stage
The ballerina, 
The bun upon my head, Sleek and aerodynamic. They may think my style is a fad, Changing and passing with time. Though It's classic, Pure and genuine.
  I'm behind the stage waiting for the curtain count......... I am in first position, I am eager, but I'm having a bad disposition. Everyone is up on toe. All eyes are in a row.
I'm behind the stage waiting for the curtain count......... I am in first position, I am eager, but I'm having a bad disposition. Everyone is up on toe. All eyes are in a row.
The world is on fire The cosmos did not mean to be in flames The passion of ballet I dedicate my life to it And when I go on Pointe the blood will rush through my feet as I rise trying to grow older
New ballet shoes, from many to choose. To help me dance, I knew at first glance. The pair I wanted, I saw, Sitting sweetly on the shelf without a flaw. At that moment outcame the ballerina in me,
  Oda a La Danza Una Memoria Bella   Danza, danza, danza Hay mucha vida en sólo una palabra Vida les da a los bailarines O, danza danza danza
Sitting silently in the hallway,
I didn’t know at first. First sight, first touch, it wasn't tantalizing until last night.
Small movements in the fingertips...        A slight raise of the chin...               Delicate steps onto the stage...                        A glittering smile to greet her prince....  
A lovely flower hidden In the inelegant ground Slowly starts with ease To grace us with her show           We see her bright green Then we know She wants to be A graceful blossom
Many may think that ballet is an easy feat to conquer When it is actually an unconquerable perfection. Dancers are pummeled physically and mentally In order to create a flawless performance.
He watched her dance, she twirled on her toes, and leapt through the air. He had no idea the strength it took, the pain that made her heart give way.   Then she fell, like a broken doll,
the ladies of the foam prepare for the dance their legs kicking higher as they stretch to the sky the ladies of the foam start the opening number slowly
The constant feeling of pain and soreness
Stretched into a pirouette Porcelain arms above her head Pristine balance and tight bunned hair A trickle of salt water dread The lace toe shoe grips the edge Atop the orange lip of God Sprawling below is dark abyss She could fall with just a prod
I wrote this for the purpose of an inspirational video.The impact of the piece isn't as great unless you SEE it. Please check it out as you listen and read along. Copy this link into your browser,
I am the one who everyone calls short I am the one who often needs support   I am the black ballet who dreams My dreams are real My hopes are precious My hard work is golden  
The heart of movement Strength, Discipline, Grace, Power Combined into one
One, two, three, four.Arms in the airand spin, spin, spin around awhile.Stop a minute to runand leap in the air.Land back downon the groundand hear the applauseall around.
Courage, the pride of a lion. The heart of a marine. Something everyone strives to acheive, but many fail. Is courage best earned when it is ignited from love, anger, or fear. The costs can be high but the reward is sweet.
Before I step on the spotlight, I dip my pointe shoes on Rossin. Adrenaline pumps my blood and my senses change; I am not myself anymore. Once the melody strikes, the brain doesn't think, it feels and creates something beautiful.
A glass ballerina Sits on the ground.  Her Arms form a loop Above her head.  Her face Is raised towards the sky, Watching the world above. Light sparkles off her Transparent body and creates
                                                                                     A Dancers World                                                             
I enter the theatre once more Ready to watch the pink satin glide across the floor. Only now I know what happens inside those shoes of satin, the hard shank and box seize the toes and prepare to flatten.
To him who finds freedom, Beauty, and grace in Dance: she holds him In a warm embrace. She removes All confusion and doubt and fear From his mind and casts it from him. She lightens his darker moods;
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